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Very cute

This is super cool!

This is such a wonderful game, thank you! It does such a good job of being satisfying and smart without being brutally difficult, and the subtle ways the mechanics work is just excellent.

Wonderful take on line-drawing and great puzzle design. This could be easily expanded into a longer game.

such a delightful and fun premise, i wish there were more puzzle books like this.

Been slowly picking away at this and wanted to give my compliments. One of the best rules-deducing games I've played, along with Blaz Gracar's work. Really nice difficulty curve where things often feel tough and even baffling but make perfect sense once you figure out what you need to do.

this rules, absolute delight to come across on the pico splore. wonderful concept and a lot of fun.

simultaneously disquieting and very funny, especially as someone who's read a million readthedocs pages. Delightful.

Wonderful work! Efficient, compact, and made my palms sweat.

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thank uz so much!!

Hey everyone, I've just released a new poetry zine called Diatoms! It is a zine of visual, graphic design-heavy poetry collaging quotes and original writing to explore my relationship with text, otherness, and disability. I'm really proud of this and would love if people took a look!


Ah, gotcha! Thank you so much!

I may be missing something obvious, but how do you actually make a hyperlink in a field? The guided tour doesn't seem to have a script loaded into the field and the documentation doesn't specifically mention inline hyperlinks unless I missed it.

this is so lovely <3

Ah, this is lovely.

This is so darling Logan :D

We've only had a chance to read through, but this is so so lovely. Really looking forward to playing it properly when we have time.

This is so gorgeous and warm, Kay!

Ahhh we love this Vlad, this is such lovely work <3 Also Nimael did an amazing job on the layout! We've only had a chance to read through it now, but very looking forward to playing it when we have time.

ghjrhgjrh atlass this is so so lovely. perhaps unsurprisingly Moths is our favorite, but "I Like To Think..." hit us very hard as well.

Ohhhh thank you so much, Schwa! And what lovely lovely answers!

Really enjoyed this! Resonant poems and super creative and visually interesting ways of doing erasure.

::DDD excited!

Thanks folks!

How do I... get there? Would love to be able to talk about secrets and such.

So amped

You save by going through doors or returning to the spawn point. You can exit by interacting with the spawn point or just closing the game manually.

This is a deeply beautiful, moving thing.

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This is one of my absolute favorite finds in the BLM bundle and definitely one of my games of the year. Amazing work!

I was wondering if you have a general roadmap on the game's development? It seems like you've done an awesome job so far, and I'm impatient to see where it'll go! :)