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Hey hey! If you're going to be adjust your settings, try to do so in the Main Menu. I didn't update any part of the PAUSE settings, therefore if you confirm and save it will resize your game - When using the 3x3 rescue block, Fell doesn't move to it, but will move when you place another block. If Fell moves backwards, in the future I would like to add a mechanic that will pause the camera.

Hello everyone! I appreciate you all taking the time to read my post. So, Head North is a... well as the title says (I implore you to read the title again) game that I created for my final year of college. Instead of letting it lie, I decided to polish it off, and release it for everyone to play. I have been through so many feedback loops, my brain is now happy that I am at this stage to release! 

I have future plans for the game as well, however development will be on hold for a little bit as I have an internship to attend to. (I have a Dev Blog on my game's page further explaining this!)

You can find the game here: (20 minutes until launch!)

You can check out the trailer below!

I now see that the #notGDC directory selection is over, so please ignore it :)

I am releasing my title "Head North" today and being a Canadian student (with no passport) I have no way to reach GDC. This game was created for my final year of college, however I decided to take it to the next level and polish it off to be posted for everyone to play! I am grateful for itch making it so easy to share projects with others!

You can find my project here! - It releases in half an hour!

Yeah, the second level is quite the step up from the first! It requires a certain amount of speed, I'd suggest trying slowing down a little bit after hitting the first boost :) - Glad you enjoyed the depths of the universe! Haha