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Yep, everything was done in GML

Hello everyone!  A bit late to the party but here's a template for a top down adventure/rpg/roguelite game I've been working on over the past few weeks.  I saw this Jam and thought it'd be a great opportunity to motivate myself into finishing this so that I may release a playable test version on the browser and a downloadable source for everyone who wants a fully documented template to use in their own games.  Right now I have lootable drops, 3 types of enemies, melee combat for the player, different weapon pickup options, basic menus, and room transitions.  Enemy behaviors are also a bit more interesting than just run towards player and attack, they'll also reposition occasionally to avoid player attacks, of course it's not too complicated, just wanted something a bit more organic.  Anyhow!  I'll be working on updating the art using some free assets you can find here on itch and will be crediting each asset creator once I finish in case anyone else wants to use similar art for their games, there really is an incredible amount of resources here.  Thank you for your time!  Please stay tuned in for more updates to come :D

I could, and have thought about it, maybe if I see an actual demand for this as a template!

Yeah I figured the items would be quite confusing without an index to explain what each does, honestly I'm still in the process of figuring out how I want an item index to function and look.  I tried my best to draw them in a way that made sense at least except for the single orange grade item.  Really all that does is create an "explosion" where you kill an enemy that damages anything nearby.  As you stack it, the explosion would do more damage hence the rarity of its drop rate.  Everything else is pretty basic, movement speed, more coin drops, magnetize coins, skill charge rate increase, and increase health.

I love tower defense games.  Haven't played one in a very long time but this was so nostalgic.  Honestly I got beat up, LOL.  I think I share the sentiment that it'd be nice if the creeps gave more paint, I have this desire to plant more turrets to get them back for taking my hearts.  But even without the extra paint, the game was very enjoyable!  I hope more tower defense fans come across this.

Thank you for leaving the credits, My old computer with all my art assets ended up having to be thrown out so I became inactive.  I appreciate the efforts you took to make this possible for everyone!

Hi there! I've released this character already in another post of mines!  Thanks for checking this out :).  Good luck with your project!

Yes!  Absolutely, it is up to you what you wish to do with this asset.  Thanks for checking it out.

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Lol for sure, but I'll probably try and add a few more extra sprites, like different sized character bases as well so it would feel more like a complete asset!  I did not think anyone would be interested in just the sprite for my base characters.  Thanks :)

Hello there!  Thank you for checking out this asset.  The combat system I have in this example here is really quite simple, I simple have it so that whenever the weapon collides with an enemy, it destroys the enemy object.  Of course the weapon has an active/inactive state so that it doesn't destroy the enemies unless you are actually attacking them.  I also do game making for fun, and am always happy to see other developers exploring their creativity through game dev!

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I'm currently working on a top-down zelda styled rpg template asset to be released for free and would love to get feedback along the way. Feel free to leave a comment with what you feel is important for this asset as I want it to be as inclusive as possible. Also feel free to use this in any of your projects! Thanks!

I thought about doing that actually, and I might, if I ever decide to expand on this game. This was a reaaallly quick project done for ludum dare 37, unfortunately I didn't submit it in time due to some unforeseen circumstances. But I am glad I'm able to upload it here, now, for anyone who sees it to play. Thanks for your feedback!