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Thanks for playing Dion, and thanks so much for the donation. Glad you enjoyed the game and hope you liked the ending! I think you may be the first to finish it.

Cheers again Dion - both of these are now fixed!

Hi Dion. Thanks for playing the game pointing these bugs out - they have now been fixed and a new version of the game uploaded.

"Project ZX 1.5" is coming along nicely now. I've put a page up on this site for the game now and will be adding a few updates as the game progresses.  I would say it's about 60-70% finished now.

Hi. Yes - this game was written in an old version of GameMaker and also a fairly long time ago now. I have since upgraded GameMaker and learned a few new tricks and am currently starting out on a new version, built from the ground up. It's only at the very beginning stage but hopefully I will see it through to completion and a much speedier, smoother game will result!

A bug that affected the bat's movements when played on a monitor with a resolution other than 1920 x 1080 has now been fixed

cheers mate... glad you enjoy the games. Project ZX and Project ZX II are also original games, just using graphics from old games 

Press the down arrow until the little egg is next to "Set Controls" and then press CTRL. Enjoy!