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Hi again! I wanted to private message you guys but couldn't figure out how to - on here or tumblr or anything haha. Anyway, on the otome games subreddit, there's been a discussion of CP. I thought it might be an interesting read if you're looking for some more in-depth feedback. I'm a part of it but admittedly I'm not too good at expressing my thoughts haha, but please do take a look and see all the love and praise and constructive criticism everyone has for CP! <3


Absolutely lovely game! I'm so thrilled I was able to play and complete it. When I first saw the game and its synopsis/characters, I really thought I would only like Fritz and Waltz, as the other characters and their curses didn't appeal to me as much (I have a thing for knights/protectors and nice guys). I was very pleasantly surprised by the first route I played, which was Rod's. Then I progressed with your recommended route order and I think I can say my favorites are as follows:

Waltz >>> Karma > Fritz > Rod > Rumpel

So overall Waltz is bae and Waltz is life through and through (omg he's just so precious I could go on and on all day about him. I love everything about this man, so help me gods if I cannot marry him). I LOVED Karma's route even though he didn't appeal to me at all originally, everything about his route just fell into place perfectly and I loved every single second of it, especially the subplot! I cried my way through Fritz's route. I thought it was fantastically done, yet the thing keeping it from above Karma's was that I felt the romance was a bit rushed. I'm definitely hoping to see it more fleshed out in the fandisk! Rod's route was the perfect one to play as an introduction to the game and I enjoyed seeing Lucette interact with her family a lot. (And Rod's such a tsundere I just want to snuggle him)I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy Rumpel's route. I quite liked it and the plot sucked me in, but he was probably my least favorite LI. I guess he just paled in comparison to my love for the others, ahaha, but he is definitely special in his own way!

I just wanted to thank the Dicesuki team once more for making such an amazing game. The world-building you all did was wonderful and had me on the edge of my seat, something I can't say for most other OELVNs I've played. I just want to shower you all with praise and I'm sorry for my jumbled thoughts and the long comment aaah. I can't wait for the fandisk and your new commercial games so I can fling more of my money and praise at you guys! <3

Okay, great! I didn't even know about this game until after the Kickstarter ended, haha, otherwise I definitely would've backed! I know just how difficult making a long, non-commercial VN is - my group's VN project, though not an otome, has roughly 300k words in the prologue (part one of three) alone T_T

I also wanted to say thanks for all your hard work! I hope you see how well it paid off tomorrow with the full release :)

Will you be accepting donations for the full game? I really regret not being a backer for the Kickstarter project and would love to help out once the game's released <3 Can't wait!

I started with Anton since I like quiet, sweet types... didn't regret it one bit! I'm excited to play through Florien and Yvin's routes now ^^ I hope you accept the donation and my comments as thanks for making such a great game! I saw Iris first and absolutely fell in love with your art, but then I clicked on your page and saw that you recommended playing Ciel first so I was like :OOO Anyway, I'm definitely going to check out Anholly and your Iris demo after playing the rest of this game.

The puns had me cracking up a lot. My boyfriend was playing on the Xbox and I was at the desk a few feet away, and he would hear me laugh and say something like, "Man, you're really enjoying yourself, aren't you?" I probably looked/sounded like a crazy person for the better half of my playthrough, haha.

Thanks for this! Sometimes all you need in life is a bit of fluffy comedy that's littered with pretty men... right?

Oh okay! That's good to know! I'll let you know what I think of it! ^^ I love romance and puns in general, so these sound right up my alley hehe.

Hi! Does itch.io take PayPal or card? I'm so interested in your games but I don't want to download/play them without supporting you! I've never been able to get PayPal to work properly with my bank, but I can definitely try it again! (I stayed up late last night looking at the pictures and synopses of your games and I can't wait to play them ;A; )