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Absolutely lovely game! I'm so thrilled I was able to play and complete it. When I first saw the game and its synopsis/characters, I really thought I would only like Fritz and Waltz, as the other characters and their curses didn't appeal to me as much (I have a thing for knights/protectors and nice guys). I was very pleasantly surprised by the first route I played, which was Rod's. Then I progressed with your recommended route order and I think I can say my favorites are as follows:

Waltz >>> Karma > Fritz > Rod > Rumpel

So overall Waltz is bae and Waltz is life through and through (omg he's just so precious I could go on and on all day about him. I love everything about this man, so help me gods if I cannot marry him). I LOVED Karma's route even though he didn't appeal to me at all originally, everything about his route just fell into place perfectly and I loved every single second of it, especially the subplot! I cried my way through Fritz's route. I thought it was fantastically done, yet the thing keeping it from above Karma's was that I felt the romance was a bit rushed. I'm definitely hoping to see it more fleshed out in the fandisk! Rod's route was the perfect one to play as an introduction to the game and I enjoyed seeing Lucette interact with her family a lot. (And Rod's such a tsundere I just want to snuggle him)I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy Rumpel's route. I quite liked it and the plot sucked me in, but he was probably my least favorite LI. I guess he just paled in comparison to my love for the others, ahaha, but he is definitely special in his own way!

I just wanted to thank the Dicesuki team once more for making such an amazing game. The world-building you all did was wonderful and had me on the edge of my seat, something I can't say for most other OELVNs I've played. I just want to shower you all with praise and I'm sorry for my jumbled thoughts and the long comment aaah. I can't wait for the fandisk and your new commercial games so I can fling more of my money and praise at you guys! <3

Thank you so much for the review! We really love reading what players think about the game and we're super happy to know that you enjoyed playing it. We'll all do our best to improve more on our future games! :D