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Hi again! I wanted to private message you guys but couldn't figure out how to - on here or tumblr or anything haha. Anyway, on the otome games subreddit, there's been a discussion of CP. I thought it might be an interesting read if you're looking for some more in-depth feedback. I'm a part of it but admittedly I'm not too good at expressing my thoughts haha, but please do take a look and see all the love and praise and constructive criticism everyone has for CP! <3


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Hello there! Thank you for letting us know about it. Yes, we've already read the critiques there and we're very grateful for them. We may not post anything there (mostly because we're still drowning with all the feedbacks) but rest assured we've read everything and have taken note of all the critiques.

We're actually already aware of most of the critiques that has been pointed out and were (kinda) already expecting them, and so we'll do our best to improve more on our next games. :)