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Oh, cosplay! That's interesting. It would be cool to make a map of the possible entry points, but it's a bit too much energy for me right now... xD

That's cool. How did you first hear about TRPGs? I didn't include it in the post but it should be taken into consideration that this is how I think it works for many people in this time and space (surely people didn't upload on itch in 1974! xD) , but hopefully in the future more and more people can get into the hobby from alternate entry points.

If anything, because nobody deserves to play D&D, it's just so complex...

hello, i've taken great pleasure in reading through this free edition, and i intend on bringing it to the table asap. one thing i don't understand is, how is the party supposed to get more New Pounds? is the Condutor supposed to make up Treasures and how much they're worth?

And we're officially underway!

love that you pick the name if and when you reach the surface. i've had a similar epiphany that you can absolutely have an entire game without naming your character, if need be referring to them by their archetype/job/trait. i am literally on the fence on whether i should make that a mechanic for Starchaser (see my profile), like "You can give yourself a name if you reach Level 2, and then you can tell it to who you trusts and use the Aid action for them" or something like that... !!!

Went pretty well. We roleplayed freeform for some 20 minutes then introduced the first token-exchanging part (as a separate "ritual" separate from the rest of play, like a traditional test) and it quickly accelerated events to being questioned about the guards about a shady individual we were travelling with, lying our asses off that we didn't, being caught leaving together with him the next morning, then going into a chase, our vehicle failing midway, we being ambushed by locals, creating a ramp to move forward with magic, then finally reaching the woods and getting to safety... ! This was with the shared pool of tokens, and I think it worked neatly as pressure to keep the party together.

Later on I tried the separate, individual pools and it led to a more heroistic fantasy, maybe? Like, the individual characters did awesome actions, as opposed to the group, which creates a certain kind of mental image often associated with that kind of thing, I suppose.

Overall I'm glad I tried and I'm going to bundle it with some other rules in "Elderion Quest", whenever that comes out!

Thanks for sharing.

Hello, I'm thinking about using this for a downtime session (with just me and another dude) this Saturday, what do you think about our two characters sharing the same token pool vs having separate ones? Could this promote the characters sticking together because of shared problems?

Thank you.


I had new games in mind, but you can submit already existing ones as long as they fit the following criteria:

  • 5-6 pages in length
  • Rules can be listened to (while doing chores or the like)

Thanks, that's awesome (: I didn't record it, but I managed to get Sub 5!!

I'll see if I can record myself or if it impacts the pc performance too much. <3

Hey, i love speedrunning this! can i ask for quality of life, that pressing 'F' enters full-screen mode (opposite of 'esc')? Also, a way to skip having to read the text at the beginning would be nice

I plan on using this community feature to write some thoughts here in the future

Concept is really good. I played the game a little (rolling 3d6 online for ease of use) and it really hits home! I like that it can drag long by design, but you can leave whenever you want (when you're done with their bullshit). It really captures the feel, and it's raw. Very nice.

Atmospheric, I like it. Perhaps it could be enhanced by having the answers to the prompts affect something mechanical, beyond the narrative. For example after writing each entry you could be tasked with making a self-assessment of how it affected your (character's) sanity, or hope left in the future. When that certain "something" gets to 0, you could roll a D20 to see what terrible end the character met. (Similar to Fiasco, for comparison's sake).

Yes! :D Good luck with the kickstarter!

Go forth and have fun.

Here you go.

Yes, let's do this. The procedure requires that you post the game on your itch page, then send me a link to it.

And you're welcome ~

Yep! Have fun (:

Hi, as this jam focuses on physical games -specifically tabletop roleplaying ones- you may not find many people interested in what you propose here. I'm keeping this up in case somebody could use your help for something, though.

Hello. (: You could try asking here, or in similar communities online. Let me know how it goes!

Damn, Super Mario TTRPG is intense. (I like it!)

Yes, as FrankSilantro has mentioned this is indeed acceptable, so long as most of the work is done in the jam period.

Hello there, luckily we have something like that! You can check this archive out.

If you have more questions you can write them here and I'll get back to you within a day or two, usually. (:

Sorry, I had seen this but forgot to reply for a while. Hello! My philosophy on the subject is that as long as you follow the rules of this one jam you're fine to also submit to other ones, which have their own respective set of rules. I can't speak for the ttrpg community on as to whether this is considered acceptable, but I personally don't mind -rather, I think some cross-pollination is good- and I have seen artists submit to multiple jams with no particular backlash, so I think the general stance is between indifference and acceptance. In short, you're good.

The only kind of jam where I would expect to find specific rules that punish non-unique submissions would be those where there's a prize, but I don't think there's many, if any, of those on this site. (Insofar we're talking about TTRPG Jams.) I think contests avoid that so that big names can't just roll in and sweep the floor with already established titles. Anyway, cheers and I hope you have fun making your game. (:

No worries. (:

It may be useful to prepare a bunch of fake or real covers to put the tentative logos onto, to see how they work in practice.

looks slick and professional, also the question mark makes it engaging. +1 (:

It's up!

You can use this message board!