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Bump. We are looking for background artists! 

Update:  November 1

We've still got quite a ways to go, but so far we've:

  • almost completed the script, now on the final editing phase
  • created a game build and tracks for the demo
  • messing around with engine effects

Take a look at the progress!

(Last one is just a joke, but... look at the effects in the BG!)

Post-mortem will be written up soon- please keep an eye out for it ^^

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October 15th update

Hello! Time for a MON GAM update! Here's what we've done:

  • Written the first and second rounds of the recruitment competition
  • finished all character designs
  • More working on 3D sprite prototypes 
  • More drawing on the sprites
  • A track completed for the battle segment

Lots done!!! Round of applause for Mon Gam, everybody!

Here's some peeks:

Aren is having... some trouble.

Sprite 3D model and drawing the lineart on top of it. A very interesting and time saving method.

Another preview of the OST! This one is called Battle Practice, to be used when the characters are battling monsters. :3

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October 10 Update

Hello! It's time for an update! We are working on many things! Here's what we have gotten finished:

  • Finished rough draft of Aren meeting Loren
  • Finished rough draft of Killian and Aren beginning scene
  • Model making and testing prototype rotoscoped sprites
  • Mixed and mastered title track and two other key music tracks
  • Refined VN system in love lua, including pauses in the text!! *confetti*

(Oh oh, programmers just wanna have fun ♫♪♪)

Here are some story fragments:

Now answer truthfully.... would you read this book?

Killian, did you forget about the VERY HIGH DEATH RATE?!

Preview of a music track by the very talented Water Diet!! Give it a listen, it's very good!

Hey, awesome! I'm just a casual player and don't code but the animations and games you have started look really cool.

I love the animation of the cat bashing the volleyball. That's really fun!! Hope to see more of your progress!

고양이 피구 next! ㅋㅋㅋ

Thank you Sterki, that really encourages us!!

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Welcome to Pangea! This continent is full of monsters and the people who defeat them, called Monster Gambiters. 

There is one twist to this story. Monsters are defeated... by CUTENESS!

Join the team "Rainbow Anima" in the seaside village of Harbor Town, as they attempt to defeat monsters and achieve the silver rank of Monster Gambiter. 

  • Writers: Gira, Shreya
  • Coder: Alex
  • OST: Water Diet



Hi! We're a team of devs hoping to complete a demo for this visual novel dating sim about monsters and magical girls/guys. In the demo, there will be various mini games and an introduction to the characters/setting. I (Gira) am hoping to finish the demo for a game that I really enjoyed brainstorming the story for, and at the same time, get better with my work ethic. I hope my team mates feel the same way!

This thread will showcase our updates and ideas. Anyone is free to comment or give ideas. We'll take them all into consideration! Hope you enjoy the wacky idea! Thanks for taking a look.



Aren Fluffbottom - code name: Sigma Yellow - 19

Aren is our protagonist. His parents run a shopping mart in town. He's an average joe. He is also quick thinking and can come up with good strategies to help keep the team balanced.

Dateable prospects: 

Killian Straw - code name: Alpha Red - 17

Killian can be described by two words: impatient and effective. She knows what she wants, and she gets things done! Some can call her bossy, but she knows what is best for her team. She's also the youngest member of the team.

Marilyn T'krene - code name: Mu Blue - 21

Mari is a traveler who had come to Harbor Town to find new ambitions and romance. She's energetic and playful, and likes to take care of her friends. She emigrated to Harbor Town just two years ago from a poorer part of Pangea. 

Loren Myt - code name: Iota Green - 22

Loren is calm and peaceful, unless he is killing monsters. Loren loves plants and is a nature buff. He is kind to others, especially animals and plants. Surprisingly, he has quite a passion for monster hunting!

Jo Lee - code name: Zeta Black - 19

Jo is bit of an odd ball, as she's quiet but has many off the wall observations. Her and Killian have in common their love of weaponry and gear. They are always comparing and contrasting what types of gear are best. 

Bump ^^

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Hello all! I'm developing a Magical Girl dating sim VN using Ren'py. It will feature both hetero and LGBT relationships. We're still in the beginning stages of development. What we've got:

  • Lore and interesting worldbuilding
  • Realistic magical guy/girl story in a post-apocalyptic world
  • Cute characters in cute outfits with cute animals 
  • Monsters whose main weakness is cuteness
  • Dark moments and some despair

We currently have one writer, one writer/artist, one artist, and one song-writer on our team. We're looking for:

  • Background Artist
  • CG Artist
  • Brainstormer
  • Anybody who would like to participate and add their ideas!

If you would like to join this project, please message me. My discord is : gira #9673

Here's an example of concept art for the project. 

The artwork for this is phenomenal! I am in love with Penne!

Hello, I played your game. I really liked it, I could tell a lot of heart went into production, especially the animated sprites and voice acting! I was really impressed with that, and it gave the story a lot of life. I only wish the story was a bit longer, or expanded on the characters a bit more. I think I got all the endings, but I still don't know too much about a certain character (the one who brought the pure child). Maybe I am missing an ending. Nevertheless, it was really good and I enjoyed playing through it!

I admit it actually spooked me the first playthrough, and atmosphere was great! Great job all around. 

i'm excited for this one... 6(^w^)9

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loved it!! the GUI was awesome and I really like how you do your sound effects / animation. gives it that much more depth & interaction to the vn in my opinion ^^ Merope is lovely, I'm excited for the full version!