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Aw, thank you so much ♥

Great work! 

Loved it very much. It feels juicy, it definitely has a learning curve, and all the elements of the gameplay come together. Nice work!

The soundtrack is free, while the game costs 1 USD/€ :)

Thank you so much ♥
Yes, that's the idea we wanted to evoke!

Thank you, we are very glad that you liked it ♥

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Thanks for the feedback and for linking your video! You are totally right. While the lack of information, like how to beat the game (as a kid scared of the dark, you feel like the night it's going to last forever) was a design choice (failed, I'd say, hehe), I totally agree with you about the absence of variety in the gameplay. The game was made by me in like 4 days as a school assignment, so, you know, I didn't have time to implement everything I wanted to implement :c

Sorry, you can't download this game on mobile devices, at the moment :c

This is great to hear, thank you! ❤️

The game is a tribute to Rusty Lake series, and also heavily inspired by Melanie Martinez’s song, Pity Party :) 

Loved it, like, really, really much.

I liked it a lot! The atmosphere was on point!

Oh yes, they are the elements to which this game is a tribute :)

Hey, you can check the playthrough on the game's page if you are stuck! :)


I know! If you read the caption, you'll know that this is a first semester student project. Sure it could use some improvement. 

I plan to do a build for Macintosh as soon as I have the time! I will let you know :)

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Yeah! Rusty Lake is not a game, but a developing studio! :)
They have several games, and they recently also published a game with a new format, The White Door. I'd suggest to try every game of them, hehe

Thank to you! ♥

Good point! It was my mistake. I will provide a Mac build soon :)

I'm really sorry to hear that! It was my mistake. I will provide a Mac build soon! 

That's weird. Did you follow the download instructions? You should download one of the two folders, then extracted everything you find in into one folder, then click the .exe

Oh no, it's not! Don't overthink it, you were kind for real, because you did let me know something that does not concern you, but it's in my interest! And that really is kindness to me :)

You were so kind to let me know! :)

Oh yeah!

I'm glad to hear it. Thanks a lot!

Aaaagain: this game is a tribute to Rusty Lake series. It's basically written everywhere.

You got it! As written in the description and the credits, this game is kind of a tribute to Rusty Lake series :) 

You can find a playthrough video above, if you want :)

All the sound effects used here are license-free, so it's possible :)

No, all the assets used in this game are made by me, except from sounds, that are license-free. Besides, the music is composed and recorded by me. 
No, this is not based on Cube Escape's story. My game is freely inspired by Rusty Lake's aesthetics, but the stories are totally different from each other, is quite obvious. :)

Are you talking about New Game+? In that case, yes, it's weird, because it symbolizes inevitability, but it has some bugs. 

'It's my party, and I can cry if I want to' ♥

Thank you a lot! ♥

Ciao! Certo che sì. Prevedo di lavorarci ancora per farlo diventare un gioco lungo e complesso, e di sicuro includerò altre lingue. Nel frattempo, posso inviarti la traduzione dei dialoghi! :)

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New Game + would be supposed to have the black screen with the white eyes, to symbolize inevitability. Then, the girl turnt black would follow you in every room you go. Nothing more than that. You are right, though! There are some issues occuring in that, for example the rabbit animation still going on, even though he is dead, haha

Thanks for the feedback! 

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Thank you a lot ♥ 

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Sure! It's a tribute to Rusty Lake, it's written in the description and in the credits as well. 

Hey there! Thaaaank you a lot. Yes, you got it. I love to hide big, deep topics under 'innocent' things, and she kind of does the same!❤︎