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man this was really cute i just wanna play it over and over and over again....... u did a rlly good job writing a cute style of bickering for august and kuro and their dynamics were really funny. i think its really good as it is like im not saying this like "oh it would be so good if there was MORE" but its definitely the kinda character set up and world where i felt really eager to learn more and super excited with each new thing revealed - abt layla, especially. i think its specifically bc ur characters r so well presented and charming.

you did a super good job with this and im rlly eager to see what else u make!

Fleshcult community · Created a new topic pronoun options?

it seems like the game itself is mostly finished, and most of my questions/suggestions r more suited to a wip lol but here goes anyways.

i was really excited when i saw that trans people were included in the game, but that doesnt apply to the player character too :") i havent checked out the modding community yet, but it would also be nice if that sort of thing was in the base game anyways... itd be nice if u could choose to play as a succubus using he/him pronouns. or, hell, it'd be nice if they/them folks appeared like at all.

in the same vein of thinking, it was a little disappointing that the tome of gender swapping doesnt actually like.. swap. bc of the heavy emphasis on shapeshifting and body modification, i thought it was going to be like. you can switch between cock or pussy or both whenever and i thought that would be really fun... u could do a lot of exploration in one save file without committing to any permanent changes. i also miss my petite cock! i couldnt find it again after purchase, i kept looking for so long. also, it's a little frustrating that turning off certain tomes doesnt reverse the changes associated with those tomes.

anyways other than that this was fun. i thought thered be more to it, but i had a really great time exploring what different things did and how to accomplish certain task/recruit certain people. literally if there was just a little more, or a clearer plot or something, id be completely satisfied. also the gameplay is genuinely unique and fun! all around a really solid porn game. definitely gonna become one of my faves. i especially like the horror aspects and themes about transformation, there was some rlly neat shit going on!!

(putting this here bc for whatever reason i find itchio more approachable than a steam review)
genuinely i have been following the dev of bwh for........ Ever. i remember the first demo. it made me cry. idk why after that i thought "yeah i can handle three more acts of this" and yet here i still am!!!! 

it's hard to walk away from the story, i find. the writing, especially, is fantastic, and i'm being impacted by characters i dont overly CARE for which is nuts to me? i walk away from getting all the endings (including the alt one) absolutely reeling and overanalyzing everything from actual in game lines to the steam achievement titles. im obsessive. not for everyone admittedly, considering i legit feel like i need a break from even thinking abt bwh, but like. is Good.

i look forward to? fear for? the next arc. good luck !

ALSO THE STORYTELLING ! besides its charming humor it ALSO is rlly good at involving the player. its written with the expectation that we already know whats going on (which makes it feel natural) while also pacing itself so we DONT actually know whats going on (which helps you keep up suspense and surprises). i rlly rlly liked it dude!!!!!!!!!

this was so FUNNY to play through, and the art (esp the sprites) is so charming. i was rlly happy to see the uh. Scenes. with coriander and baker - trans rights! - nice to see ur ppl being presented as something beautiful and desirable. and the premise of the story is JUST the sort of vaguely religious mech premise that just GETS me. im excited to see the rest !!! good luck uwu

i played this again today, and i forgot how funny it was! i hope to see it finished someday

ahh i just went through the demo and it's so charming and cute. im really looking forward to this!

this is so sweet and cozy so far, i really did not want to stop playing it at the end of the demo............ its a game i would play when im sad or lonely that would definitely cheer me up!

really happy and excited about the gender neutral pronouns! that's always something i look for in games and it makes me feel . well, represented lmao

"I think I found the issue! I updated my PayPal email and it hadn't yet been updated here. If you attempt to purchase again please let me know if it's working!" - this was what worked last time I think! Someone else noticed a different problem, that certain cards wouldn't work or something like that??

Anyway, I hope this problem can be fixed soon!