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Take the role of an incubus or succubus. Seduce mortals into your lair · By Oneirolith

pronoun options?

A topic by Lumalalu created Oct 02, 2021 Views: 463 Replies: 1
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it seems like the game itself is mostly finished, and most of my questions/suggestions r more suited to a wip lol but here goes anyways.

i was really excited when i saw that trans people were included in the game, but that doesnt apply to the player character too :") i havent checked out the modding community yet, but it would also be nice if that sort of thing was in the base game anyways... itd be nice if u could choose to play as a succubus using he/him pronouns. or, hell, it'd be nice if they/them folks appeared like at all.

in the same vein of thinking, it was a little disappointing that the tome of gender swapping doesnt actually like.. swap. bc of the heavy emphasis on shapeshifting and body modification, i thought it was going to be like. you can switch between cock or pussy or both whenever and i thought that would be really fun... u could do a lot of exploration in one save file without committing to any permanent changes. i also miss my petite cock! i couldnt find it again after purchase, i kept looking for so long. also, it's a little frustrating that turning off certain tomes doesnt reverse the changes associated with those tomes.

anyways other than that this was fun. i thought thered be more to it, but i had a really great time exploring what different things did and how to accomplish certain task/recruit certain people. literally if there was just a little more, or a clearer plot or something, id be completely satisfied. also the gameplay is genuinely unique and fun! all around a really solid porn game. definitely gonna become one of my faves. i especially like the horror aspects and themes about transformation, there was some rlly neat shit going on!!


Glad you're enjoying the game! If you click the Rename/Options button in the Sanctum you can change the protagonist's pronouns, though there's no support for they/them.

Petite cock should live in the Tome of Genital Swapping, though it looks like there's a bug where you can't go back to it from larger cocks. As a workaround you could get a strap-on, then get a petite cock. In general there shouldn't be anything irreversible in there, and if there is, I appreciate the bug reports. Cheers!