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Lucas Vieira

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It looks like it could've been an engine test for a third-person shooter.

Ran it flawlessly on my Linux box. Great game! Has a lot of potential. I really hope to see more versions of it.

I like CLI games like this a lot, so sad you couldn't finish it. Nice thing you got there.

I'm very interested on the whole Lisp-to-WASM thing you did there, awesome job.

Your attention to the details is also very clear; the graphics are simple, but that's what you meant to do, and the game also looks beautiful. Good work.

I am astonished by the fact that your game has so little in terms of visuals, but is so addictive. I see that it is inspired by a PSP game, but it really catched me. I'm totally playing it more than once.

A fun little game. The patience meter made me laugh a bit, lol.

Interesting idea, definitely one of those hard-but-possible-to-beat games. I'd pay a good price for a more polished version of this!

Works very well for what it promises! Awesome work.

I feel like, if it hadn't been rushed, you could have added more stuff, like some graphics, to it. I think part of my concentration was being taken by the white background somehow. I hope you revisit this prototype someday.

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I managed to run it flawlessly on Void Linux, however it requires ``, which I think should be included with the c-deps. I created a symlink of `` from my system at `/usr/lib/` and it worked, even though I'm sure it's not a safe solution.

Great Bomberman clone, though! I still was a bit bothered by the collision and the seemingly free movement of the characters (i think they should move from tile to tile, at constant units, instead), but the graphics, solid gameplay and music more than make up for it.

Awesome game! Very good. Had a ton of fun playing it!

Just two quick things: I can hold S to keep slamming/ducking all the time, and the hold spacebar to jump; when I release spacebar, I go almost instantly to the ground. I don't know it it was on purpose, but maybe that breaks the game? :P

Dang it, I thought I wouldn't face this kind of issue...

I'll just disable the download for the Windows build for now, then.