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I'm glad you enjoyed!

yes, the clowns are very polite. The screen resolution wasn't your fault, I kinda messed that up. Can't fix it until the end of the jam tho. Thanks for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I liked the writing and the story.

Fun game. I forgot what number I was supposed to dial once and had to redo the whole thing but other than that I liked it.

The story and art is well done. I liked the flashlight mechanic. The monster's behavior is a bit weird at times  though.

Looks good visually and easy to control.

Art looks really good. The setting was also interesting.

Great game. The monster was easy to avoid though.

I'll keep it up.

Ok, I think it should actually be fixed now. Can you try running it one more time please? Thank you!

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Hello! I'm not sure what the problem is... I'll do some more investigation later. What does it look like before it quits? Could you try downloading the godot engine from here:

and replacing the executable packaged with the game with that? Also, if you can run it from a terminal and get any output there that would be great. Thanks!

Update: that probably won't work. I'm going to ask the jam admins if I can upload a different build.

Update2: Try the download labeled "Alternative". Open whatever executable matching the operating system you use.

Update3: The problem has been fixed. All the downloads should work now. I'm removing the alternative download in a bit as long as the others work.

Hello! Haven't played much of the game, but I found a bit of a bug.