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Thanks for the feedback! I've only been working on it for a couple of days so yeah it's a bit spotty. Thanks for playing.

I love the Mega Man X soundfont.

Really the only big problem with this game is the lack of gamepad support.

Otherwise had a really good time reflecting bullets and stars.

Thanks! I was planning on more medieval elements but as the project got more involved they didn't seem to fit with the world.

This game jam has been really fun, it's inspired me to make a larger scale project.

Because of the size of the project I can't have it finished by the end of the day, but I have a polished free demo that features the first couple areas in the game. 

Is it alright if I submit this to the jam?

It's about 20 - 30 min long and has been tested for bugs, plus it adheres to the 2x1 pixel ratio rules of the jam.

The music is in a chiptune style similar to this:

Visuals are nice, very original concept as well.

It's fun to play with the different combinations, this would be cool to see as a bigger project in the future with even more options.

I liked it.

I liked it.

Also you have to send me the events you used for the dialogue because it's fresh af.

Thanks for making the game fam.

It's surprisingly hard and fun, my score was 2417.

I built a house (:

I cri everytim

I love so much about this, definitely one of my fav entries.

These graphics look groovy, I feel way inspired after playing this.

Haha I love the theme. Totally just saved her from heart failure and/or obesity btw

This game took the meme concept and really raised the roof. It's actually a very interesting concept, the feet on the bed are pretty weird though, and the shadows in the room look super harsh. Other than that the game worked well and I enjoyed it!