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It looks nice, you could put some more information, it looks very interesting, in what language or maker it was made, number of levels, and something about how it was made would be interesting.

I'm going to download it and try it

Hola como estas, felicidades por tu nuevo proyecto, una gran mejora, muy bueno, suerte, al parecer no puedo escribir en tus videos, ni modo, adelante

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Thanks andycw619 any comments is good

Bommelkasten thanks for the extra, enjoy it

Thanks ghayestcb

Thanks metal titan for extra

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Thank you very much, if you want internal details, please do not hesitate to send me an email, and I will gladly answer you, English or Spanish

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I almost convinced him Apparently he's very busy but I'm sure I'll do it, actually everything is already translated, only the bottom panel is missing because I don't have the right sources fonts

I keep coming back to your version, I would like to ask if you would mind if I made a version for AMIGA, or maybe you want to participate, I can also do it very differently, if you don't want imitators.

Some of my work COCO BANANA. INCA MAN and Mission the Moon (Spanish) luiscoco on itchio mision-la-luna I can't place the links, youtube deletes them, even if it uses the word d.o.t

Is ok now

It looks very good and well cared for.

You have repeated text

If the timer reaches zero, the player's ability to shoot is removed.

Download Now

Everything is ready to take it out, only one drawing is missing, hopefully the cartoonist agrees to do it

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Thanks, anigwei , Stallone7, pat69poleoni, Gamedevelopment Community, elminster, RageII, rotomagus76, lmlima, Rayner1979, slobman, Saberman , AmyMor, Passione Amiga, phantom1311, jack, tempest,  NAVCOTEL, zaquarta, t.viutti, metal titan Thank for extra

THANK YOU ALL for your purchase or for following me, I will try to put all the games together, I love that you play it and comment on me.

I think there are more to go, my excuses to those who are missing

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Hola vi tu poscast 

Y te busque, yo tambien hago homebrew retro para Amiga.
En que esta hecha?

Me gustan las aventuras conversacionales y mas si son graficas, pero como buen programador,soy mas de hacer que de jugar, pero puedo probarla.

Tambien me gustaria alguna cosa como portarla a Amiga, ya veremos.por ahora voy a probarla

Te dejo mi itchio tengo ya 3 o 4 juegos pero solo 1 en

no pude usar "Usar llave en puerta", se que es abrir puerta, pero se puede mejorar el parser

Al entrar dice: puedes ver un cubo vacio; No lo veo, esta el barrir, el muñeco para ejercitar, la mesa, sera ese botijo, o cacharro en la mesa?

QAl poner: Ex cubo, pone que esta vacio y con letras pero no me las lee, ya puse ex cubo, sera que hay que decir lee cubo.

No entiende Lee cubo, usare el infinitivo, pero ahorrarias problemas si colocas equivalentes, Lee=Leer=Lea=Leeme = Lealo = leyendo o algo asi

No conozco la canción, jajaja

El juego no usa cojer, traspasa la 4ta pared y te saca de la inmersion en la aventura, no lo hagas, pon no se hacer eso

Por supuesto era coger cubo

luego te cuento mas, luis45ccs arroba y

No he puesto las cosas que me gustaron, lograste poner render completos, sin hacerlos?, los hiciste tu? o te los hicieron?

Esta bellisima la pantalla , el mapa, todo, falto alguna musiquilla de fondo, suave

Yes, the new A500, I think that by updating the firmware it accepts Adf and you will be able to play it


luis45ccs at or

Thanks a lot, Trying to improve the games

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Although it, was one of the suggestions that I tried to put in the game, plus others, they were not made since the owner of the game does not want to have options and several versions rolling around, I'm just the programmer, but if you want write to me email and I'll see if I can convince the owner to make a version for you

In the version with options, you can control the volume of sound effects and the volume of music, also control the amount of enemies, difficulty, how many are dead, pass the level, a faster look (only A1200) and other options , but we have disabled it so that people do not get confused, anyway you can always talk to me directly to my email.

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Can I help in the Spanish language?

Interesting, I also program in amos, I think that the compiler name does not seem to be what it does, will it be like a slide show?

i will try it first

Hi, interesting proposal, you have to polish some things, when it goes very horizontal it starts to bounce strangely, and the low speed is very unnatural.

It would also be necessary to solve that it collides a lot with the mesh

You made the drawings very simple, I imagine you don't draw, but being an artist could make a great game.

I also play friend games in Amos. let's move on

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Hello I am going to test your game, which you used to program it.

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Great job, as a hobby I make games for Amiga, I think they would be good graphics for a retro game

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Hello I am going to test your game, which you used to program it.

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what is the name of the game, on which you based your demo

Sencillito pero muy bonito, Con que esta hecho? AGD? o directo ASM?

Impresionante todo y la historia tambien , la musica uff grandiosa. lo estoy viendo en detalle

Me encanto

I have to try this game, it looks very original

thanks, i tried

Very interesting, I don't know the differences, but I have to learn this whole world thoroughly, congratulations on your game. I already saw that you have to create 8 or 10 penguins as lives and space is lost with repeated graphics.

Jonathan Cauldwell is making great improvements in an effort to get it out on many 8-bit computers, I am a personal friend of Pete, who made the AGD port for Color computer and Dragon, I for my part will make an AGD emulator for a friend. I hope that all the games of any version can be ported and even improved, it can also be edited in a friend and download it to spectrum or others, already in window he has taken it, although I prefer a more friendly editor, like the one I am doing

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I can't get past the beginning of the second screen, everything kills me.

I love your drawings and all your levels, very beautiful designs.

I'm using your game as a sample for an AGD I'm doing for Amiga. I see all the levels, blocks, Objects, Sprites, frames, Messages, Map, sources, for now I get it from the AGD source, which can be extracted with the converter, then I can do it with the game in TAP or SNA.

At least the editor is already functional, I'm going to create a page to put the advances, and start the publications.

Do not worry about your sources, they will not be revealed, I have yet to find out how they do with copyright with so many editors and extractors.

Is there a list of games made with AGD?

Your game looks very interesting, I'm going to play it, I'll tell you about it.

Is there a list of games made with AGD?

What possibilities are there to collaborate in the sources of the Editor, which I believe can be improved. or is closed?
I think that some on-screen command aids would be very well received

Bonito, musica bien, algo lento, saltos increíbles, las colisiones fallan

Bonitos gráficos y música, se necesita demasiada gasolina, no se debería gastar tan rápido, curva de aprendizaje no lograda, no es bueno releer floppy para recomenzar, por lo demás muy bien, en que está hecho?, sigan adelante.

Muy bonitos graficos y musica, le pusieron un lindo esfuerzo, felicidades, difícil al comienzo, hecho con Backbone, que esta hecho en Amos, queréis hacerlo en AMOS, os puedo ayudar, yo ya puedo extraer todo al amos, si interesa, jeje, seguid adelante

Muy bueno, Me impresionó la forma de girar de los enemigos y el enemigo final, Hay una versión mejorada, con scroll, naves de la película y otras cosas.