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I like this Game! It's very good. No Bugs :-) I wish there comes more  content?!

Hi, thank you for trying my Game!

Sorry for the German text, i tought i changed all textes to english...

On the Screenshots there is a Picture for Game Controls.

When the first Actor sit down you have to Press key "1" or Gamepad "START" to control the second actor.

Then sit also down with the second actor.

To change back to the first actor press key "1" and "Q" together or Gamepad "Start" and "Select" togheter.

I know its complicated but i did not found a better solution for  2-Player.  Sorry for that.

Thank you for your comment! Yes, there is not so much story yet... Its a tech demo to show the features.

I like the battle system! But a good tutorial would be helpful.

Yea, i like your game!

Works fine and has good ideas.

one star for the cool dubbing!

one star for no bugs :-) !

one star for the lot of work!

For me, the graphics are mixed to much between HD and Pixel...

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Hi, i tried your Game, but unfortunately i get an Error: fail to load - Princess01Neutral.png.  I saw the file at the right place...

The Game looks pretty good!