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I dont know another game engine easy to use like Superpowers that uses 3D.

Yes, just like that, I got a lot of complains about the boss being hard and actually is really easy, you can do some tricks, the jumping attack is the best beucause you can positionate him anywhere is good for you do your attack, if you got his pattern became easy and you can fill the color unhurried.
Thanks for your review.

That's a great positive review, thanks, it cheers me up.

Thanks for you feedback skarp7c1. Yes, something are missing, actually I fixed a lot of thing after the deadline. The game now has online 6mb size, I did a lot of compressions and exported as HTML5, but I dont know if I could change the files I submited so I leaved that way and will update here later, but there is a online version on Newgrounds. Thereis a collision bug with the boss jump to already fixed. I could not finish the end screen in time, so I hurried up. I knoe what bug is that, my son had the same problem, I think the collisionshape2D is not disabling after death so if the enemy hits it, restart the die() funciontion. I will solve that, thanks again.

I had a really fun time playing this with my son. Very funny situations, especially quen we do the wrong moves.

Thanks for you review Josephkhland.
Actually when the jump flag is active the player should not take hits. But yet in the jump beginning it still do. There are another little bugs to fix, but I did not have enought time. And this weekend my son wanted my attention to play with him. It was hard, but he played my game as well too. As soon as the vote time ends I will upload a new version, byt the alway the new version is already half the size. I am ripping and compacting some assets.

Thanks for you review ereborn. It makes me really happy to know you play so far. The hint for the boss is try to walk left right when he jumps because the horizontal area ir larger, and for scaping the balls a think up-down is the best, but always try to became WHITE, just in the beginning you can take ou one or two balls with the with color. 

Thank you for your effort, but still dont work. What you must do is build in GLES2.  You need to change to GLES2 mode ( Top-Right on editor), besides that, you still need to go in Project Settings - Rendering - Quality, them in the first property "Driver Name", you must change to GLES2. Then you build to Windows and the others OS. 

Please compile with GLES2 too. Do not work in my computer.

I did not get it.

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Can you build the game with GLES2? My notebook can't execute GLES3.
EDIT: I got the source and did myself.

Did you used Godot or Rpg in a Box?

Hi guys,

Yesterday I added my game with early access here. Everyone who got now you receive a key in the future to the final version.

The Early Acces version has the first world of the game. Here is the page

Also, if you want to waits, please gives Time Buddy a chance at Greenlight: