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I know this comment is from 3 years ago, but I just wanted to say I'm in the same situation. I felt the same way when I read that line, too. But as you said, the protagonist is in ultimately a different and better situation. 

Cool short! Thanks for posting it. Reminds me of some of my earliest nightmares.

I liked it! Strangely, it reminded me of Thief. I guess that's because it's heavy with atmosphere. Good job!

I would've preferred to have bought this on itch, but it won't let me purchase it at the sale price, so I'll be buying on Steam I guess :/

Wow! Super cute! It really feels (and sounds!) like playing a PS1 game.

Oh, I guess I took for granted that the main character is female. 

You should check out No Delivery! And if you like that, you might want to check out One Night at the Steeze on, which is sort of like a prototype of No Delivery. 

The one game I can think of as being similar to these games is Lisa The Painful RPG by dingaling boy, although I'm not exactly sure if I'd call it horror. But it has the same perfect mix of dark, disturbing, and hilarious. And it's an all around great game with interesting battle mechanics. The music reminds me of the music in No Delivery, too. The prequel, Lisa The First, is more outright disturbing and sad (so perhaps more horror-like), but it's shorter and not as fleshed out and quite different from its sequel, gameplay wise. 

I wasn't offended by it, and I didn't mean to offend you either. I just thought it was an important point to bring up. The point is that when you start the game, you don't know the full story. So seeing a girl surrounded by empty beer bottles waking up (seemingly from a drunken stupor) on a bed with a camera pointed at it and text telling you to "Find a way out" creates a rather powerful image without any other context. And yes, that is a reality for many girls. I wasn't speaking to the rest of the game. 

I thought that this was oates's intention, but of course I don't know unless they say so explicitly. But they did say in an interview something to the effect of the game tackling some darker subject matter and worrying about not wanting it to be distasteful. I think oates did a good job of not taking it there, hence the tape being a totally different thing (thank goodness). I noticed oates does that sort of thing a lot, taking the suggestion of something and subverting it to mess with the player, but also to avoid getting too explicit or distateful (like with the adult channel in No Delivery). And also oates is good at combining the disturbing and humorous, and said in the same interview that they wanted this game to mix dissonant feelings.

Again, I didn't mean to come off as aggressive, and I didn't mean that I'm right and you're wrong, but I thought it was worth pointing out that I felt so differently than you did about it because there is so much to unravel with this game and No Delivery and really not enough discussion about oates's games! 

You think the way the character wakes up is funny? Really? I think it's disturbing and unfortunately all too real. The pizza thing I think is a nod to oates's previous game No Delivery.

Same here :( 

Would you kindly tick the box for Windows so that the game can be played through the itch client? Please and thank you. :)