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Soda Stereo indeed, my favourite argentinian band! (¿Hablas castellano? :)  Cuando yo era adolescente, Soda Stereo era"careta", snob, hace poco que vuelve a tener "legitimidad")

Thank you for the compliments. I really didn't know if I could manage a romantic comedy, but I thought it was my best shot at actually writing a short story. I tend to get lost in sidequests and secondary characters otherwise. My true love will always be the rpg format :D

Yes, there are eight endings! (One is a short "Bad ending!" at the very beginning)

I really wanted H2 to be easy to understand without playing H1, so thanks a lot for telling me you were okay with it. :) (I mean, I wrote it, so it's hard for me to approach it without preconceptions!)

For the third, though, people will have to play both 1 and 2, but it'll be the last, so, I hope they'll be willing to take that step :D

I don't have a facebook, but you could always write to me at :)