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Thank you so very much for leaving feedback!  You're super kind.

(I'm  super flattered that you mention the soundtrack because Hierofanía 2 was my first attempt at trying to make music ^^)

Although Hierofanía 3 is in hiatus, I actually have the script for another project on the works! Knowing there's people willing to play it, makes me happy.

Seriously, thanks for your kind words.

Soda Stereo indeed, my favourite argentinian band! (¿Hablas castellano? :)  Cuando yo era adolescente, Soda Stereo era"careta", snob, hace poco que vuelve a tener "legitimidad")

Thank you for the compliments. I really didn't know if I could manage a romantic comedy, but I thought it was my best shot at actually writing a short story. I tend to get lost in sidequests and secondary characters otherwise. My true love will always be the rpg format :D

Yes, there are eight endings! (One is a short "Bad ending!" at the very beginning)

I really wanted H2 to be easy to understand without playing H1, so thanks a lot for telling me you were okay with it. :) (I mean, I wrote it, so it's hard for me to approach it without preconceptions!)

For the third, though, people will have to play both 1 and 2, but it'll be the last, so, I hope they'll be willing to take that step :D

I don't have a facebook, but you could always write to me at :)