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Yeah! Thank you very much!


Tabletop RPGs are in fact allowed, as discussed over at the Discord.

Thank you very much for your comments! Your game looks cool, but I haven't played it yet.

Thanks! Sorry about the lack of cats. They were too rebellious and refused to appear in this Empire-sanctioned game. It seems they are staging a boycott as we speak.

Thank you! I enjoyed your game as well :)

Thanks for your indepth feedback! Much appreciated :)

Thank you!

Thanks! Sorry for ruining your life!

Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for your comments! Indeed you have a limited amount of guesses. Cheers!


Thank you so much!

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it!

Thanks! There's an 'End Day' button in the bottom right which becomes enabled after you've assigned all candidates (and any extra requests that you might've gotten).

By 'first scene', do you mean the main menu scene, the "day X" transition scene, or the office scene? Thanks!

Thank you so much for your comments and feedback! I'll give your game a go after a good rest. :)


Thanks! Took me a while too...

Thank you <3

Obrigado pelos comentários, Luiz!

Valeu, Luiza! :D

Obrigado pelo feedback! :)

Thanks! I agree. While I know this isn't a good solution, I recommend you mouse over things and read the tooltips - they might clear some things up.  Thanks again for your feedback!

Thanks Andreas! Yup, we ignored the theme because I work daily on a Roman game (Historia Realis: Roma) and I wanted to try something different. Camila did an amazing job with the art indeed! Cheers!


I'm developing a web game and I tried using the key distribution method to allow players to play it.

It kinda works, but once the player redeems their key, they are taken to the "Downloads" list of the game instead of the game page. Since my game is web-based, there is nothing to download, and a message says so. The player is left confused, thinking that the game isn't there. There is a small link to go to the game page, but nothing indicates that that's where the game is in the case of web games.

So if there could be an option to customize where the player is taken after redeeming a key, that would be great.



O objetivo do Player 1 é chegar na Terra.

O objetivo do player 2 é chegar na Lua.

Ganha quem chegar 10x no seu objetivo.

Thanks for the reply!

Huge coincidences. In Eastward the final boss is also a dragon. I guess they're RPG tropes so it makes sense. At first, I also wanted "cities" where you could buy items, but I ended up focusing on the "action" more than the "RPG".

I didn't know much about roguelikes back then, so that's one thing I missed. But now I'm making a roguelite, Roguemance.

Where are you from in Brazil?

Have you played Eastward Quest? I made that game a few years ago and saw some similar ideas in this.

Não encontrei onde baixar :(

both characters in the middle same time