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Thank you very much for letting us know about the connection error. It should be fixed by now! Sorry about that!

Sorry, this game is not available anymore! We took it down, but decided to keep this page as a memory.
The game was a mess, we don't recommend it tbh.

Thank you very much for the information!
We'll look into this issue!

Unfortunately the game window can't be resized. We've been planning a 640x480 window from the start and didn't have an opportunity to implement scaling options. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Can you please specify the OS you're trying to play the game on?
Also can you attach a screenshot of the game in this state?

Yes, it works for Russia now! Thank you!

I think we registered our PayPal account on the US side long ago and then unlocked some privileged tier, providing additional personal info. Maybe that's why we had no problems with the Direct Payment method...
We will see how it goes with the Payout method, hope there will be no problems with that!

We are sorry to hear that this option doesn't work for you!  

 @leafo please look into this problem and find a possible solution for everyone! 

Switching to the Payout system doesn't require the PayPal business account when reconnecting though!
So this might be the only available option in this case.

This is a tremendous change for creators from countries like Russia, where you need to register a company or a sole proprietorship for a business paypal account (which is not even a guarantee they won't just block your paypal account after the application). This simply means you're destroying the whole donation environment for our free-to-play games.

Thank you very much for letting us know! We've fixed this issue!

Hello! Can you please specify the operating system you've been trying to save the image in?

Hello! You can turn off the music now!

Thank you!!

What gift did you get?? 

- yaffle

Thank you for playing our game! We are very glad you enjoyed it!

Sorry for all the trouble with the full screen mode and the action icons glitch!

A circular, herp years . May may have been left in the time. But that that will so it all is ready to be your chainet up, "them I eyd?"

Thanks! 213 is a nice number! <3

Thank you so much for playing our game! We're happy you enjoyed it. <3

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oh wow thank you for such detailed and kind feedback Jammy!! this means a lot to us and makes us happy. <3

Sea Buckthorn has inherited a "Zhiguli" Lada-2101/VAZ-2101 (also nicknamed "Kopeyka") from their cool racer granny; Honey Ginger's car is a very rough lowpolization of Toyota Tercel Wagon; Dandelion's sister for some reason has a Mazda Etude 1987; and Elder Flower is trying to drift on a Suzuki Lapin Chocolat X.  ah, and Rowan Berry's tv van is supposed to look like Ford Econoline 1976! 60% of these are purely based on googling though, so there might be discrepancy.

P.S. Dandelion woluld get super worried from hearing that, but they are also a very caring friend that puts your safety and feelings in priority, especially after seeing you try to get run over by a club pal. so it's safe to tell them, they are totally gonna help you process those strange feelings.

Thank you for playing and enjoying the vibes, getting feedback like yours makes our day! <3

Thank you very much G.P.! <3

Thank you! <3

thank you!
we also hope Dandelion will be able to get the pears out somehow, it would be a shame if they were suspended from lending the car after only participating once.

Thank you for such wonderful feedback, it means so much! We're happy you enjoyed it. <3

Thanks for covering our game Jupi, your hard work is much appreciated! <3

Thank you for playing and making such a fun and cute video, you are pretty good at handshaking too!
You CAN actually do a handshake with the cat! We just hid the action icon so it wouldn't be obvious!

Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words, Sebastian! We're glad you enjoyed our little game and found the approach appealing. And extra thank you for doing the coverage of these events and entries, your hard work is very important for both players and devs. <3

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This is a fun video, thank you for playing and having a good time!

We're sorry the Q-Space issue ruined the experience for you (especially since you played so well otherwise)! This may happen because of the way your particular keyboard is designed: most keyboards have a limit of the amount of keys that can be pressed at once, but the limit and particular keys that can lock each other out differ between manufacturers and models. We tried to choose the keys that would work in most cases (that's also the reason there are 4 fingers: 5 wouldn't work for too many people), but it looks like that didn't work for you. Thanks again for enjoying the game anyway!

Thank you for enjoying our game and recording this nice video!

Thanks for playing and covering so many games!

This game works well and looks great, and is pretty fun even if you play alone! 

(x2 fun with co-op, of course!)

Thank you for playing! 


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Hey, thanks for making this awesome video and sharing your feedback!

Sorry about unfriendlyish difficulty, we've made the game a bit easier in more recent verions (slower and with difficulty progression, + an instruction).

Thank you so much, this is a great video! We were cheering for you!

Thank you for enjoying our little game! It's all fine, you played well — handshaking is hard! 

Thank you for working so hard and covering all these games!


Changed the ending from forced to voluntary in case you want to do something else.

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Thank you! We always try to make our music fun, and really appreciate your feedback!

Thank you, we're glad you liked it!

haha, thanks for your feedback!