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This was a load of fun! The music shifting impressed me quite a bit, and I like how risky the last wave of enemies is. Also, you made quite a lot of unique gameplay scenarios out of the different combinations of enemies, making it not just a "hack through THIS many enemies" situation but more of "how should you approach this" type of challenge.

Love this one! I love the idea of a semi-procedurally placed LoZ:LA-style dungeon format. I also like the use of color palettes to make the shift to level 3 even more striking. Plus I'm a sucker for minor resource-management systems, and the use of the blood as health regeneration and upgrade gathering is a welcome addition!

enjoyed it, would def play something like this again. some thoughts (not going to spoil anything for randys reading this, play it yourselves nerds):

- could have had more environmental hints like the direction-based [redacted]. i ended up going to advicemouse a lot near the end, starting at about 16.

- experiences no performance issues, the game never stuttered, and the only thing i'd call low quality was that the game ended with -1 exit code (nothing wrong with that, just could have been smoother like a fade-to-black). the game ran smooth and there were no errors or bugs/glitches.

- as far as sound design, some light music in the house would have been appreciated, the silence went on for a bit long. at least something light and innocuous, like some john carpenter style synths. i liked the difference in music between the house and natural areas so i'm not talking like, drastic big music in the house. maybe not even tonal music, could just be something ambient w/ drums iunno man do whatever its your life