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Thank you! There will be an update soon-ish

That was... unnerving.

This was really touching and beautiful! I'm so glad I'm stumbled upon this game

Yeah my headphones are kinda fucked and it's very hard to balance audio

Thanks for playing!

This was unexpectedly hilarious and fun! I enjoyed it a lot.

I hope you'll polish this one after the jam, because right now the creepiness of the scenario is buried under a lot of jank.

But I must say that objects constantly moving around and making me doubt my own perception was awesome!

This was creepy! Atmosphere is very palpable, but how casually the protagonist strolls around the house took a great conscious effort to ignore.

Thank you!

Most of the art is taken directly from my main game and wasn't made during the jam. The main reason I decided to participate was to have a reason to rewrite the rendering system (shaders, post-processing, etc.) and feedback system (screenshake, realtime SFX authoring, etc) from scratch and use them in my main game later because they were abysmal and completely unmaintainable

( X

I'll look into walking animation bug, thank you for spotting it!

No, there has been no updates, sadly.

Thank you for having me over!

Thank you for playing! The player not having a clearly defined goal was an intentional design decision, and unlikely to change in the post-jam version. I'm experimenting with "playable films", though, and that may see the light of day.

I loved Sifu, and the Museum is my favorite level in the history of levels! Really, art direction there is so great

Jams are rough, this one looks like you ran out of time before you could finish. Congrats on making it through, tho!

- this message was sponsored by Kidaly Gang

Skill issue maybe, but I just can't manage to do anything before suspicion gets to the maximum

- this message was sponsored by Kidaly Gang

Yeah, I wanted to make more of a toy rather than a game. Thanks!

That's a role reversal if I even seen one, nice job

I almost choked on my drink when I activated hidden chicken power for the first time lmao

I want this in Chrome instead of default dino game!

That was a surprisingly deep game

...and now I want a JFK version of it

Trying to not hit anyone was ludicrously hard and ludicrously fun

I'm dead, this was awesome

Pretty fun




This was fun! I'm not particularly familiar with PUBG, but rooting for a bunch of dots on screen was surprisingly exhilirating

Inner Sanctum is out now!

There are two distinct phases: Storytelling phase and Combat phase. Half of the game is played in your imagination, and, as far as I'm concerned, this is a tabletop RPG.

Well, it just happens to use a very specific virtual table, huh.

Are you not excited not being called slurs?

I'm just so fucking tired. I'm a badass woman and I want to be badass, but every time I don combat boots and cargo pants instead of a pink dress everybody is like "oooh have you changed your mind?"

Thank you for this one. It was amazing.

While hearing specifics would be pretty neat, an update will never come. This project broke my spirit, besides, design-wise I moved on from FitD.


I'm gonna be frank: I don't even vaguely remember what my intention was.

I think they're supposed to be available from the start as playbook-specific items, since that would make it 5, just like in other playbooks.

Thank you! Yeah, I overtuned difficulty waay too much. I added reloading at the last possible moment, as I planned for R to switch to a random weapon instead, but didn't have enough time to implement anything other than another shotgun, and now the game is too damn hard

I've downloaded this game a few days ago for a game night and can't stop playing it since. It absolutely slaps.

Thank you for your kind words!

The game is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, so you don't even need to ask for permission.

I would certainly appreciate if the translation was available for free or PWYW, but even that is not a requirement.

I pretty much got nothing covered haha. I kinda lost passion for this project (as I finished all campaigns I ran with it to conclusion), and so I work at snail's pace.

All in all, if you want to do something with it, don't wait for me, everything I do is CC-BY-SA anyway.

I'm OK, thanks!

I'm not in Russia nor Ukraine, but I'm a bit anxious that we're gonna be invaded next.

Аффтар переводом доволен, спасибо команде Библиотекаря за проделанную работу!

No, that game is pretty much dead. It was a little jam project, and it's highly unlikely I'll ever return to it.

Русской версией занимается Рыжий Библиотекарь, и, скорее всего, перевод будет у них на странице.

Я к русской версии отношения не имею и знаю не больше остальных :)

I am officially in love with this game. I've been longing for a truly one-shot friendly FitD game, and this is one.


Oh, yeah, it is planned and there is a first rough draft already, though it needs some heavy editing.

Sadly, I have only so much hands haha


As for increasing action ratings, I've just completely forgotten to write about advancement lol. In short, on the charsheet there are 5 dots near an attribute name -- each time you gain XP you can put it either into one of the attribute XP trackers or into playbook XP. When an attribute tracker fills up, you can increase one of the action ratings by 1.

I don't plan to add more playbooks, at least at this point and, honestly, I don't really know what kind of playbook is there to add -- pretty much every fantasy archetype is already covered.