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rebooting does fix it! it put me back at the spot i had closed at. 

this is such- okay, i probably  shouldn't say relaxing, but it sort of is? aside from the demon trying to kill me, its a really nice, relaxing game of resource collecting. I enjoyed playing! 

I may have a found a bug though- day 15, i finally got the sword, and after my first attempt to kill the demon, I got sent back to the house, but i couldn't pick up any equipment. Axe, gun, bucket, no go, and when I traveled back to the sword, I couldn't pick it up either.  just wanted to let you know! love your game

I like it! It's short, but very cute-I wish there was an end game screen, or something to actually the ending of the game though!

Hey! I've been playing the game while listening to my podcasts, and in every save I've had, I died in the same way- I would put down a foundation block, but move too quickly and get stuck underneath or in the foundation block. I've found I can get out if I destroy the foundation with the axe, but this is only if I am stuck in it- If I am stuck underneath the foundation, I can't move or destroy the block, and I die either because of the shark or fatigue. 

hey, so i did manage to finally download the game, but when i try to unzip it, the program says that it cannot be added to archive, or that the file is corrupt. I've tried it with both Winzip and 7zip, and i couldn't with either program.

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good game. i enjoyed the monsters in the background, and the music was a definite perk. I just wish I could refill my iced tea. 10/10