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this is such- okay, i probably  shouldn't say relaxing, but it sort of is? aside from the demon trying to kill me, its a really nice, relaxing game of resource collecting. I enjoyed playing! 

I may have a found a bug though- day 15, i finally got the sword, and after my first attempt to kill the demon, I got sent back to the house, but i couldn't pick up any equipment. Axe, gun, bucket, no go, and when I traveled back to the sword, I couldn't pick it up either.  just wanted to let you know! love your game

Thanks so much! And ouch, that sounds like a nasty bug. Thanks for letting me know, I'll get on that as soon as I can. If you close the game, and continue your save file, does that fix the bug? 

rebooting does fix it! it put me back at the spot i had closed at. 

Awesome, I'm glad the bug didn't completely ruin your game! I'll try my best to find a fix for that!