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Really nice little game. I've got stuck on some part but overall is a good game. It lacks of music and sfx, but the questions make a cute and fun idea.

One of the best games I've seen in the whole GBJAM. Really fun to play, challenging, no bugs, really cute and simple idea. I loved it!

Really cool, fun game! The animations are on point, I liked it!

The atmosphere, the backgrounds, and, overall, the amount of work spent on the art of the game is astonishing. In my opinion, I would add some controls like A,W,S,D or arrows to controls the character and not getting suck with what the cursor dictates. Again, this is a really good job, I would like to see more of it.

At first I didn't know what to do. Then I hit a key and appeared in another room with the bird. The sprites and the cover are awesome, the music is good too, but I didn't know anything about the mechanics, the story, controls, aim, etc. It could be a good idea with some explanations.

Really nice simple game. Can actually see it playing on a gameboy. Sometimes the bullets of the enemies are difficult to distinguish because of the background animation, but when you get hit for the first time you start to recognize them. I liked it.

Really nice small game! It may lack of some extra music and sfx but the battle theme was really GB like! Maybe too much for my taste... But that's just me. I don't know if the delay with the music starting a battle was intended or not, but the battle itself was challenging, good job!

Really cool and fun game! The music is on point and it's fun for being such a small race. The only problem apart from being too small is that sometimes you can't the road at all because of the angles. Also the Unity watermark at the bottom can be taken off in the personal license by setting it to "minimal". 

Nice platformer, the effects, sfx, sprites, animations, etc are simple but effective. The only problem is that is a bit unfair that there are neither checkpoints nor a story. But overall, it's a really cool game!