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(1 edit) because i'm a troll Lol

Wait, if you get one rating, but it's the best rating you can get, do you automatically win?

Oh, s***, I might of made a huge oopsie...

lolLove the animation of the tiles on the wheel!

How do I get through the door

The music should not stop and start over when I complete a level.Also it shouldn't stop playing when it's over because I'm left with nothing except the sound of loneliness.  

There's more amazing music when I clicked play game?!?!!! OMGGGG!!

Music is awesome!!!! Amazing Music!!!!! Love the soundtrack! Haven't played the game because music is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can just move from (5,2)->(3,5)->(5,8) and win instantly!!!

This is actually the first game i polished so thank you for appreciating that 

Thank you for playing my game :)

oh, yeah, I wish platforms would show on the path I just explored instead of the other side of the map. 

Really fun! Really intriguing! I was able to use wasd and arrow keys. but I wish w or up arrow was jump. Music was amazing! sounds were amazing! Interesting storyline! boss fight was way too hard.

Yeah, but when I see bush, I don't think death. It just looks like scenery. I didn't know what I was looking for, so I was looking for anything that was out of place. I kept touching different rocks because one might kill me (don't take that out of context :) ) I didn't know what I was looking for so it felt like running in circles. Graphics are amazing!!

I just feel like it needs to be more obvious.

I'm Sooooo happy people like my game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! My original idea was the spikes would start invisible, but if you go through the spikes they would appear and  you would go back to the beginning. But when I found this Idea I scrapped the old one. 

I feel like the real-time aspect made it too difficult to place something very early in the level. 

Pretty hard. couldn't access hints

how is it F.I.P.? maybe the lines are guns and failure is getting smaller? idk

Amazing!!! So fun

really cool. what if you just spam space at the begening of the level

you're lucky I recognized the .sb2  and created a scratch project just to load up and play your game.  About the game, I just put scratch on turbo mode and leveled up super quickly!

there's nothing wrong with this game. it's purfect


Spikes community · Created a new topic Things you hate

What do you hate about my game?

Spikes community · Created a new topic Things you like

What do you like

couldn't understand what i was suposed to do

Yeah, but F.I.P. wasn't the game. It was the cutscene.

Good idea, but it was too confusing. i didn't know why what happened happened

Was really fun when I go to the late game but then it stopped getting hard. didn't connect to the theme

It felt awesome to play your game but the failure is progress should have been used more

Really fun! feel like failing is progress could of been used more

Wait, 10 minutes still left? The world hasn't ended yet? What a miricle!


Yes, you need to click "add external file" to enter a url.

Make It so that when you complete the game you get rick rolled. You completed the game, but did you win it?

A music game where you make a rick roll. you completed the game, but did you win the game?

Scratch is actually very recommended by me because i also use scratch and because you don't have to download anything you just follow the link