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Lost Child Dev

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Loved the music very much. It felt so alive. 

Thank you. I guess I have plenty of things to learn. 

Thank you :)

I figured so. I feel it is hard for beginners. Anyways thanks for clearing things up.

Thank you. Kapish. 

You are welcome. :)

Beautiful. Played it, completed it and rated it. Thank you for inspiration.

Small and beautiful game. The mechanics were incorporated very nicely. Totally loved it and rated it. <3

Thank you very much. We'll try to bring more polished game next time. 

Thank you for your feedback. Its our first time so there were plenty of challenges. We'll work on polishing the things better next time. Once again thank you. <3

Loved the concept. Played and rated.

Do have a look here if you are free.

As the description says its difficult but its fun. <3

Couldn't get past the second turret. The game is pretty smooth. Thank you for inspiration. :)
If you get time do have a look

The turret keeps killing me :(

Played the game and left a feedback. Its awesome. If you have time do have a look here

I felt like I was directing the scene. I also loved the art style. 

Played the game and rated it. If you do have time please have a look.

Loved the idea of following the trails. :D

The art style is amazing. I have provided my feedback on the game page. And thank you for the play and rate. <3
Go go for the win.

I loved the pixel art style bro. The knight is cute. The fight style is beautifully incorporated in card style battle. <3

Thank you very much. :)

The game is awesome but level 1 is hard. 
If you have time do have a look and rate our game.

Great concept. Level 1 was hard. 

I don't know how the game becomes slow at some moments but idea is good. If the rewind length be set according to user it would be great. 

Do play and rate our game if you have time

I played your game and rated it. Appreciate if you would do the same. An early thanks.

Damn, the game is fast. Loved the rewind mechanism. 

If your game is having low ratings for whatever reasons I'll rate your game in exchange for mine. 

All the participants who post here please DO RATE other games too. 

Thank you.

Thank you :)

I loved the art of the game. I rated the game. Have fun.

The art style was amazing. <3

Thank you for your feedback. I have played and rated your game. It is a great game. Go for the win.

The camera angle is amazing.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We know about the bugs in the game. If you had other difficulties please refer

Yep totally had some fun. 

Witch and cat = portions. Had some fun. And have rated it.  Please do promote your game.

Great game. I have played it and rated it. Please promote your game. It can easily be one of the top games. <3

Felt like 80's. Loved it and rated it. <3

I played and rated it. Could you add some music in the next build.

Thank you for the ideas. We will try to use our own assets for smoothness in the game next time. 

And wow your game is simply jawdropping. Loved it.

Thank you for your feedback.

We know about the glitches. We'll look into it.