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Loved the style, and loved the chief mechanic! i beat the game (barely) on my second play-through, and i enjoyed every minute of it. I know you all are working on another game right now (which i'm very excited for!) but if you ever wanted to return to this idea, i'd love to see this Health = your Level/Attack/currency for upgrades in a multiplayer game. it would be fun to balance fighting each-other with upgrading yourself... i know its quite the band wagon but i could see this working even as a Battle Royal style game (which i don't even play) just because it would incentivize taking out opponents for their shperes and then finding Labs to upgrade yourself... 

Anyway, all that to say I really enjoyed this game and plan on going back and beating it with other characters!

sure,  but there was only one enemy, i killed it and then it felt like the game was over.

not sure its quite working... got it to throw the sword at one enemy and then there was nothing to do. 

i feel like there is a cool idea under the hood here, that of parsing out your opponents strengths and weaknesses to decide if you want to continue in their shoes or stick with the body you have.... but the execution just makes this mostly randomly dying because you only have 1 or 2 moves before you are killed and its not enough time to really get what the enemies strengths are. With a bit of polish, there could be something here... maybe in future iterations you could make it to where its easier to live through the fight but at the end you HAVE to change out one stats and so its more about figuring out which aspect of your enemy was their greatest strength.

A fairly clever idea that currently lacks the polish to make it an intuitive experience. once you figure it out its a pretty cool idea, but i feel like you could add more complexity to the puzzles by changing up what type of block you have to deal with each level. 

This was a lot of fun! a bit more polish and i could see this being a nice addictive phone game. Just a thought but maybe make something where you could get more time? so maybe getting singles adds more to the board and adds more time but getting a group speeds up the time drain, making it a balancing act between building up a lot and then scoring as much as you can without running out of time.