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Love the Demo, will 100% buy this when it gets a mac port!

go ask your mom for it...

very fun little game. sadly the camera bug kept me from completing it, but i hope you will release a post jam version with this fixed as i'd love to go through it sometime! I made it to level six before the bug made it unplayable. 

Another great little game!

Very impressive for a 6 hour challenge!

another awesome game, i'm always so impressed by what team bugulon produces. Any chance you all are working on a full-length game?

haha played the other half and found you already had some of the same ideas! glad to see it

what a great game! Played through the LD49 version today, and half of this expanded version (will come back and finish soon!)

I could see this being a hit phone puzzler! Doubly so If you could find a way to somehow procedurally generate levels so you could have a sort of "Endless" mode, or maybe a "Puzzle of the Day/week" sort of a thing where people could try to get on a leader board based on how quickly they cleared it. Or even a Puzzle creator so that Users could generate content to keep people engaged. 

Things to think about that could create more puzzles:
1. atoms that could "Catch"  stray electrons (I'm thinking some indicator on the "Proton" that says how many it can hold, after which it would pop like normal.)
2. atoms with state changes (I'm thinking of things like the red + switching to red x every other Action, or Yellows that rotate 1 direction clockwise per action, et al... )
3. Electrons of different sizes that travel at different speeds
4. Some sort of "Shield" that absorbs X amount of electrons before opening to the atom below
5. moveable atoms that could be combined into new shapes (a yellow pointing Up and a yellow pointing down combine to make a blue that has both, et al...
6. inactive "Neutrons" that when an electron passes through their space change their direction

I say all of this just to encourage you, as i think the game is great and would love to see more of it! but even if this is all i ever get of it, i was very happy to have played it!

the brilliant subtlety of having Snakes on a plain...

Would happily pay for this game when it comes to Mac or iPhone!

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A few other suggestions:

1. it would be nice to have a building that harvested the human capital (call it an office if Harvester is too dark haha). this could be slower than clicking on individuals but would keep you from having to jump back and forth as much and also would keep you from miss-clicking and removing something from the planet's surface.

2. it could be cool to have time delays on making different resources. so small plants do less Oxygen but grow faster. Mountains take a while to erect, et al...

3. ways to alter the orbit could be a fun "late game" addition!

Very fun! I could easily see this expanded and a little more polished and working as a cool mobile game! you could do all sorts of stuff like, maybe you are terraforming for multiple alien species, so you need to figure out which planet would be the easiest to meet all the conditions for each species you need to place in a solar system... some might be humans and need exactly what you have here, but others might need Argon to breathe and want a super cold planet, or a perfect mix of Zinon and Oxygen and need 95% of the surface to be water so melting the ice-caps is a good thing! (But little did you know when the ice caps melt they release methane into the atmosphere! oh no your plans are ruined!) Haha, with some more variables, and things that could alter the variables while you are trying to fix things, this could become a very nice puzzle... you might even be able to remove the timer if the puzzle became complex enough (or make a variable timer based on how long each species can last while waiting for their planet to be habitable)

Anyways, very fun little game, hope you keep working on it!

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Very nice little game! hope you continue it! also, this could easily work on mobile with a swipe to move control. make some more levels and some other ideas to iterate on and you could have a hit on your hands!

Really cool idea! I think the controls are a little weird (at least for me) but with some refinement I could really see this becoming a full game! also as you have it now with the controls might work on mobile? i could see this becoming a really cool puzzler on mobile.

Absolutely a brilliant game! My only suggestion is to maybe add a score for how "elegant" your solution is (maybe based on its footprint? or for how few factories you use?) Regardless, I had an absolute blast and will certainly look forward to seeing what else you all do!

Very nice game! 583 moves for me.

this game was great! I played all the way till I maxed all upgrades. My record was 238.98.

I'd love to see more added to this! (I know it's super polished and robust as is, but  it certainly left me wanting more!) Even if you don't release any more of this brilliant game, I'll certainly be following your stuff in the future!

Great game! would love to see this fully fleshed out! (could be good on mobile!? maybe swipe left right or down?) could see all kinds of different monsters and traps you could do, also maybe bosses and harder levels (for harder levels i would assume blocks would be higher chance of stone than dirt, then obsidian higher than both... maybe more block types? also more sparse torches but higher value gems?) either way, i'd pay for a full version of this game so i hope you pursue it!

One small exploit you should know about (you might already) is that if you start the countdown on a bomb and then enter a battle the bomb will go off while you are in the battle state and not harm you. This might be intentional, and if so its a cool mechanic. 

Loved the style, and loved the chief mechanic! i beat the game (barely) on my second play-through, and i enjoyed every minute of it. I know you all are working on another game right now (which i'm very excited for!) but if you ever wanted to return to this idea, i'd love to see this Health = your Level/Attack/currency for upgrades in a multiplayer game. it would be fun to balance fighting each-other with upgrading yourself... i know its quite the band wagon but i could see this working even as a Battle Royal style game (which i don't even play) just because it would incentivize taking out opponents for their shperes and then finding Labs to upgrade yourself... 

Anyway, all that to say I really enjoyed this game and plan on going back and beating it with other characters!

i feel like there is a cool idea under the hood here, that of parsing out your opponents strengths and weaknesses to decide if you want to continue in their shoes or stick with the body you have.... but the execution just makes this mostly randomly dying because you only have 1 or 2 moves before you are killed and its not enough time to really get what the enemies strengths are. With a bit of polish, there could be something here... maybe in future iterations you could make it to where its easier to live through the fight but at the end you HAVE to change out one stats and so its more about figuring out which aspect of your enemy was their greatest strength.

A fairly clever idea that currently lacks the polish to make it an intuitive experience. once you figure it out its a pretty cool idea, but i feel like you could add more complexity to the puzzles by changing up what type of block you have to deal with each level. 

This was a lot of fun! a bit more polish and i could see this being a nice addictive phone game. Just a thought but maybe make something where you could get more time? so maybe getting singles adds more to the board and adds more time but getting a group speeds up the time drain, making it a balancing act between building up a lot and then scoring as much as you can without running out of time.