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The following reply is from my own observations, and nothing the developers have said. Sadly, Aground can't be made free. That's not to say it may never happen, Fancy Fish Games has grown a lot since it's initial beta  of Aground, back in 2018. Since then they have taken on a pretty big workload, including Aground Zero, which you can view additional information on Steam. If Aground was free, there would be no income to pay rent or the programmers or other overhead costs that make these games possible. This is why my review site always buys the titles we give away, to help support the developers.

Speaking of my review site, were working on a huge server overhaul, and have plans once we're up again on raffling some of the top multiplayer sandbox titles, such as Aground. When this happens, I suggest entering when we do our draws. Only rule my site has, your not allowed to sell the prizes. They must be used on the account that has won them, and activated immediately. Otherwise they do get revoked and never replaced. My site and raffles are not related nor supported by Fancy Fish Games in any way.

Was wondering if the download I got from here is more updated then the demo on Steam? Also, do you run a Discord server? I know the games solo, but any plans for multiplayer? Obviously it will be more, just curious as I run multiple websites that promote similar games like this, and game looks interesting, and I purchased it here, but would like to make sure I actually play the correct version before writing a review that can accidentally be misleading if Im reviewing incorrect version. Take care and be safe.


You must be bored to go necroposting on something people said almost a year ago, and actually asked quite often back then. When I made the post a while back, I purchased many a title. Most said nothing about steam keys, yet they did end up coming with one, which by the way, I did in fact get. My post was not a complaint or rant, it was just a comment to answer what many asked before me but got no reply. I myself prefer drm free, if it can be helped, though I do look for dual packs for titles that are multi player, or might have multiplayer in the future since half the multi player titles out there wont let both steam and non steam players play on same server, unless both versions are owned. Starbound is one of them. Was only last year I found out that the server version for Steam would not allow certain mods, yet their clients did. Using the non steam server, both steam and non steam players can play on one server, and with all the mods as well.

Nice game so far. Got it for entire family. Ill do a follow up next year and see about including this in a raffle. Sadly cant do it this year.

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Hello Shiftrick. ITCH.IO got back with me. During black Friday sales, due to the 1% discount, the website was ringing up all multipacks as single. I just got confirmation email from the website. This error was not caused by your company, but due to coding, I have been refunded, and am Buying 6 keys. 4 for family, 2 as Prizes when game is officially released. Ill send you a screenshot of the refunded sale. 

Updating the first message. The Quad-pack Sales works, just tested it. So far Single, Quad-pack, sales work. 

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The demo is great so far. Been playing it since the demo started. Demo sign ups are at 


Word of caution. If your buying multiple copies, The Tri-Pack is ringing up as Solopack. Invoice is showing solo at $43.

Great news, Single Pack at $14.99 sales works. If you want the extra goodies that comes with the multi-packs, I have tested the Quad-Pack sales, and both online invoice and email clearly show the Quad-Pack as working fine. When I hear back on the Tri-Pack issue being resolved, Ill update this post.

If your looking to buy the Steam version, don't make the same mistake I did. This version does not come with a Steam key. It's DRM free. If you want the Steam version, it can be found here:

Steam Version of Noita

Im about to try your game, which I actually purchased weeks ago, but didnt have time to try out yet. I noticed one thing that's a little confusing, which is the download getting updated frequently, but no information or version numbers that make it easier to identify what one has is actually updated or not, other than to see recent uploads. Any chance of adding version numbers in file names when you upload updates? Makes it easier to identify, especially at times when your looking at the screen, and wondering what on earth did I just upload, which tends to happen often when you have sleepless nights coding your game, at least for many that happens lol. Game looks great non the less.

Go figure. Games actually released on Steam already. Ooopps

I purchased it anyway. Hope there is a key for it later. Sadly, cant play this till tomorrow =( Im already dying for my Noita fix, and haven't even played the bloody game yet!!! Life is so cruel (Including the cereal box when its empty)

Do you have an email I can respond to? I definately don't want to continue/ respond here, it just looks bad and unprofessional, worse than on Discord. From what I just read, Has me concerned, not to mention I actually tried pming you before all this took place and unable to. 

I discovered what the cause is. When I installed the new version, I used the server which I had not used previously. Because parts were tied to onedrive, an annoying issue, system included the game drive as well in system backup. Easy yet annoyingly fixable.

That being said, I can't honestly review this title at this time. I and my peers follow a ruleset, and can't honestly recommend a title, as great as it is, if a company has a ruleset where users must follow, yet comoany staff feels their above the rules.

When staff ping a user or reporter like myself, if we have time, well respond where it originated from. When a mod can warn or even ban a user for responding to the owners ping in the first place, there is something seriously wrong with that system. 

When I recommend titles for others, it's because not only is that title good, but also the team works well together and respects their superiors decisiins. I can't honestly support a product, where the owner messages a user in a channel, and then gets chastised for it by mods who seem to have their own rulesets. Had this been on Steam, just for what took place would have given the title a negative review. 

I been in this industry since the 80s before Steam, GOG, were even a thought. I try to help sometimes as well, especially when I see someone new about to repeat the same thing like what has just seriously hurt Chucklefish. Been a reporter for years, moderator as well, and shockingly first tine I can say got into an argument with one, when it was again staff pinging me over there in the first place. Game is great, staff needs a little work.

If this comes with a key, it helps to advertise it. Thats the only thing holding me back from contributing.

Thanks. There is a spot for developer's messages that show and update on the invoice which is also the download page for each separate account. I can blank out my personal info and post it here as an example if it helps. Your game shows a lot of promise. It would be great to finally get something similar, yet different, with a roadmap that developers stick to. I myself have to change the way I do early release articles now a days, because several past ones I wrote reflected the roadmap, and recently discovered the roadmap was used to push their product and that a lot on it was just to influence sales, with no intentions of putting said features in. This wasn't a case of wanting to have them, then realizing it couldn't be done. There was no intentions. Your roadmap that advertises features to come, I can see are already showing up, just not activated since code isn't complete. I definatelly will put a good review up.

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Now a days, you need to be very clear on what you are giving to your supporters, and not just on your main webpage, it should reflect in writing on the invoice as well that gets generated upon completion of payment. What I see on your main page makes it look like my contribution might get me a key later on, not that I will. The invoice says absolutely nothing in regards to it. That can end up being catastrophic as it could lead to less supporters contributing because they fear they won't get anything, and worse, the way its worded, looks like we will have to pay again, even if it is cheap. Many past supporters have been burned with titles like Edge Of Space or After Reset where the developers took money and then hytailed it out of here. The main page is actually not clear and when purchase was completed, nothing mentioned on main was said on invoice to let the buyer know they will in fact still get a key. It left me thinking I already missed the opertunity and will need to pay again. This can lead to confusion which can be catastrophic. Example, 10 people are playing a multi player game when someone says " You see that new game (King Under the Mountain)?" Another says "Game looks awesome, I better contribute $20 before price goes up and they stop offering keys!" One of the 10 quickly log in and make the $20 contribution, but when the email comes and they log in to the purchase reciept says nothing about the key, but also says they can get the game cheaper.  Now because they believe that since its not showing information that they in fact will get a key, they pass on incorrect information to their 9 other friends not to buy because of what they believe to either be no longer available, or yet another scam. But now things get even more worse because they are talking online where 20 others hear this as well. Main page can be changed. It should reflect that anyone who contributes will get a key, and wording on the invoice stating the same. Right now it looks like only a few keys will be available, and that contributing now will only get me a cheaper price to pay later upon release.

When I help with a kickstart type game/utility, first thing I check is to see if they offer a key for participating, as this also goes into my articles I post upon new released games. When a key is offered, even for a later date, it should show up in both payment email, and on the download page. for $20 that was advertised on the website with future key, I find it alarming that absolutely no information was in both email, or your download webpage. It would be highly appreciated if this can be rectified, so I can do a proper review. As it stands, my hands are tied. 

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I actually thought this was a NEW Ultima. Im so shocked, it brings me back to the old Ultima II and III days. Work very well done!!! Game is amazing!!! When OSI made Ultima into a doom like game, they lost me forever. I thought work like this would never be seen again! I actually passed this by when my mouseover quickly showed a brief glimpse of the game. It was enough to make me actually look at the video, to be flooded with past memories of RGs Ultima series. Movement, predefined graphics, boat battles, I quickly clicked the pay and download button in fear that this game would vanish and Id wake up to garbage games of these days. Final fantasy went the doom look as well and lost me as well. Whoever the author is of this game, dont ever change!!! This masterpiece is what so many have been striving to relive, and you did a beautiful job!