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Im about to try your game, which I actually purchased weeks ago, but didnt have time to try out yet. I noticed one thing that's a little confusing, which is the download getting updated frequently, but no information or version numbers that make it easier to identify what one has is actually updated or not, other than to see recent uploads. Any chance of adding version numbers in file names when you upload updates? Makes it easier to identify, especially at times when your looking at the screen, and wondering what on earth did I just upload, which tends to happen often when you have sleepless nights coding your game, at least for many that happens lol. Game looks great non the less.

Thanks for that. I hope you enjoy the demo (it's really not polished yet). 

I should certainly start adding version numbers. If you were wondering, at the moment only the Demo version gets updates, I am highly unlikely to update the game jam version as the project has progressed well beyond it.

Really looking forward to any feedback you have for me!