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You must be bored to go necroposting on something people said almost a year ago, and actually asked quite often back then. When I made the post a while back, I purchased many a title. Most said nothing about steam keys, yet they did end up coming with one, which by the way, I did in fact get. My post was not a complaint or rant, it was just a comment to answer what many asked before me but got no reply. I myself prefer drm free, if it can be helped, though I do look for dual packs for titles that are multi player, or might have multiplayer in the future since half the multi player titles out there wont let both steam and non steam players play on same server, unless both versions are owned. Starbound is one of them. Was only last year I found out that the server version for Steam would not allow certain mods, yet their clients did. Using the non steam server, both steam and non steam players can play on one server, and with all the mods as well.


Someone replied to another comment i made on here so I found myself looking at the other comments. call it "necro posting" but people continue to post about steam on itch like this, and Noita is releasing proper real soon, so theres a lot of people looking at these comments now comparatively. Less than a year is a very short time in the grand scheme of htings.

Bottom line is, people should stop expecting that games you purchase on itch come with steam keys. This is a different store. Just like it would be ridiculous to comment on a PS4 release and say "just so you know, it doesn't come with a copy of the xbox version. If you want the xbox version go to the xbox store  here: [link to game on xbox store]" It doesn't make sense to expect this. It is also not even close to universally true that multiplayer games on steam don't share servers with DRM free releases etc.