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Great Tool! Only thing i miss is onion skinning. Maybe with an On/Off button, previous frames slowly fading, at an adjustable rate.

Thanks for the info and sharing!

I meant in an artistic way, that the dream starts with an abstraction of the scene before. because looking out of the window of a real life subway, when it's driving through a tunnel, you also just see grey lines

Yeah! Reminded me of the view you get, when looking out of the window when a subway accelerated (Those grey-scale lines from the speed). Breaking that picture into a 3D canyon is pretty genius!

I would like to know which engine and 3D-modeling software you used

i think it's actually the point of the game to let the player be that substance. To adapt those memories and create your own story according to them.

Love it! Especially the transition from the subway to the tube canyon. Do you tell how you made the game?

Amazing and well done Game. The ending felt a little bit sudden and unresolved though.

Thank you for making this Game! very funny and enjoyable, also quite interesting, psychologically, i think. The searching for the phono number and dialing it felt al little bit repetitive, though, because its the same principle almost as the chore before. And i had to leave the game to write it down, because i didnt want to memorize it. Also, searching every object in the game for the code...i mean, there could have been a clue or something, where it would have been reasonable to find.

Hey, thank you for making this! I think it's awesome to face some real problems also in a simulation. Your Game did something good to me, it's great!