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Thank you for making this Game! very funny and enjoyable, also quite interesting, psychologically, i think. The searching for the phono number and dialing it felt al little bit repetitive, though, because its the same principle almost as the chore before. And i had to leave the game to write it down, because i didnt want to memorize it. Also, searching every object in the game for the code...i mean, there could have been a clue or something, where it would have been reasonable to find.


Thanks for playing and the feedback! For the sequel I'll definitely make sure you won't have to remember stuff again (the easiest way is to just make a photo of with your phone assuming you have one) ;) There was a hint, the painting where the control panel is hidden behind is of a man browsing a bookshelf though I understand it's not a great hint because you get it before actually knowing you need it... I might still update the game to improve a few things :)