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Good pacing and concept! The bugs that were introduced, funnily enough, made the game easier for me. I think the concept is swapped around: During the first level there should be more bugs (because watching the towers grow instead of spotting a tiny arrow is way easier). As you progress the arrows become harder to spot and the screen becomes more obscured. More glitch effects can be added as needed. I also think the input could be more complicated, right now it's just guitar hero with 3 keys.

I tried to play it, but the gameplay is confusing. I think some of the time spend on polish should have been spend on explaining the controls to me...

Man, up until floor 5 I was just doing things... The game kinda does a terrible job at explaining itself. But after a while I started to understand what the yellow number represented, and which of the red icons is damage and which is health. Later still I discovered that cards attack ahead of themselves, and finally I learned to flip the cards and view their abilities. Now I finally understand it, and I love it! There's a neat bit of tactical thinking.

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I got stuck on the third level. For a game about platforming precision the controls are surprisingly floaty. You need to steer out of a wall in order to jump far, but steering out of a wall also dislodges you from it...

Other than that, interesting concept! I think the timing is a bit tight, I would rather have more time and a points system. More time left when you finish a level = more points. Also maybe hide points in levels at dangerous spaces, such as points behind a gate that trip a huge trap.

I love the idea, very polished, but a bit light on content and very challenging.