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You can double jump!!

Love it!! Definitely one of the best

Totally get it. Good work

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This is great! Great art and feel! Probably the best Ive played so far! The level design is what makes this really great. Good Work.

Only thing I'd say is maybe some kind of "Quick retry/rewind time button instead of an entire reset level, but that was only a thing on the last level (which was genius btw).

Cool concept, just wish there was some kind of upgrades like a lot of dungeon crawlers, the chests were a massive tease

Love it! Took me a few minutes to grasp the controls but once I go how the momentum worked had a bunch of fun, had a Qwop like feel to learning the controls.
Looking forward to more levels 

As people below said, cool concept, just need to tweaking to pull off

Cool idea with great art and music. My main gripe is that movement is too fast and sensitive, which made it hard to get into you right position because I would overshoot too much and try to readjust.

Maybe relatively slower movement with some kind of dash?

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Cool idea but saw a similar game last year. Enemies take too long to shoot and design -wise the player can just sit in a corner and block. Lastly after a while so many enemies spawn which makes the game slow down.

Tons of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.