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Static-End è un progetto 3D in prima persona, l'ho fatto con Godot assieme ad altre 2 persone in remoto in un paio di mesi, la programmazione praticamente tutto da sol . Sto aspettando la versione 4.0 per riusarlo, perché la documentazione era un pò carente quando l'ho usato l'ultima volta e crashava un pò (che non è un problema perchè si riavvia in 3 secondi). Però è molto carino e facile da usare se sai già programmare un pochino.

Grazie per il consiglio, ho intenzione di fare la magistrale a Milano al Politecnico quando finisco qua (sono al terzo anno), e poi vedo se e che master fare dopo quella, stavo puntando anche a quello di Game Development a Verona. 

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Same, I claimed it, sent it to a friend and it was priced again

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Se mi mandi un messaggio su Discord ti posso passare il mio curriculum! lmsonic (Iride)#1608

Grazie per le informazioni, io sono un pò poco format , o perlomeno, autodidatta, dal punto di vista design, quindi credo mi potrebbe servire

PS: Mi è venuto in mente che potresti non avere Discord, ti linko qua il documento su Drive

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Hi! We have a discord community of lefty developers, you can join here! (100 invites for now)

Here are some channels we have that might be useful to you

  • Get pronouns and roles from our skater bot!
  • Share your games!
  • Find collaborators and/or playtesters
  • Look up and share resources for gamedev

Please, read the rules when you enter

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Hi! I'm Italian! I'm a computer science student in Sardinia, and I have experience in Unity in small and jam games.

I'd like to gain some experience in bigger sized projects, and I'm interested in helping out in gameplay programming.

You can check out my itch page here. If you wanna contact me, contact me on Discord, my username is lmsonic (Iride)#1608.

PS: I saw that you did to the Master in Game Design in Milan that I also wanna do! Cool! Do you recommend it?

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Wow i really loved this! Thanks for the experience, i'm a trans person myself and it really resonated! I didn't experience online being online at that time but it reminded of when i was in forums in 2008-2010

Thanks again. I will recommend this to my friends

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Ciao! Mi fa piacere vedere un altro italiano! Sono content* che ci hai giocato per così tanto ahah
Comunque, non ci sono altre ending, il punto è che non puoi sfuggire alla fine del mondo.

(forse se avessimo avuto più tempo avremmo aggiunto altro ma era per una jam di 2 mesi)


Hello! I'm glad to see another Italian! I'm happy you played for so much haha
However, there are no other endings, the point is that you can't escape the end of the world.

(maybe if we had more time we would have added more but it was for a 2 month jam)

You had to ignite fire at the prison, got stuck there too

Oh no that was a weird bug that i should have predicted lol, i'll fix it if we make another version

Thanks for the feedback!

I had some weird problems with the pause in the dialogue (it got stuck a lot for some reason) and one time the interact button was over the text so i couldn't see it
Other than that pretty cute and also mood, i hope this gets extended or atleast finished properly!

I added you! i'm lmsonic(Iride) #1608

If you have a discord even for your patrons i'll be happy to give a few bucks and join so we can talk!

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Very cool game! I want to do lefty stuff like this in the future, looking forward to getting inspired by you!

What would recommend in dealing with this subject? I noticed you're not exactly subtle lol

Donated 5$, i hope this project thrives!

i have the big gay now