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Sorry you are having those issues. If you haven't already try enabling the "Disable Advanced Shader", this does change the way those objects are shown but at least they are visible.

If you are fine answering it on this forum publicly: What version of macOS are you using and what particular model of mac are you playing on?

Make sure your system and its drivers (particularly video card drivers) are up to date. Otherwise it is sadly likely your system is incompatible.

The soundtrack has been uploaded to YouTube as well as on this page if you would like to download it.

Regarding the help command: In order to view the other pages do "help 2" without the quotes. Perhaps you were including the # sign which it seems the console doesn't recognize.

I myself was not behind the creation of Temptation Stairway but I have chat with people that have for insight/advice.

A new version of the game (1.1.6) has been uploaded which adds the option to disable some advanced graphics of the game (which are likely the culprit of this glitch). You can find the setting at the bottom of the options menu labeled "Disable Advanced Shader". Toggle this setting on and let me know if this fixes your issue.

A new update (1.1.4) has been posted that fixes some of the letters in the yellow room. There were low% runs that were dependent on some of the letters using the old hitboxes so I avoided adjusting certain letters to make sure that it was still possible to complete the level without grabbing letters under those circumstances. Let me know if you encounter any issues with the new version.

Hmm that's strange it doesn't work in that case. It seems to be an issue with the internal rendering engine of Unity not working properly. I'll try to see if there is an internal issue to fix it. As a last ditch effort if you have a dedicated video card make sure the drivers are up to date for it.

Verify that your system has support for either DirectX 10, 11, or 12. If your system is compatible with any of these make sure you have at least one of them installed on your system. If none of these are supported sadly your system is incompatible.

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A mac version has been uploaded. I don't have an update to date mac to test with so please let me know if you encounter any technical issues.

Edit: If you are having difficulty launching the game because of the OSX gatekeeper, I recommend downloading the app and installing the game through there.

An updated version (1.1.3) has been uploaded that updates the "stopwatch" app from the console to include segments for the various levels across the game. Records from the old system don't carry over into the new one and you will need to start a new save (soft reset) in order to utilize the new timer.

Seems to be an issue with the intro animation not starting properly. This issue was hard to tackle so I posted an updated version (1.1.3) that skips the animation if it doesn't start playing after a while. If this doesn't fix the issue you can enable the "Skip Intro" option in the options menu to automatically skip this intro.

Hope this helps!

I posted a new version (1.1.3) that adds an option to skip the intro animation. The update also improves the stopwatch layout to show timestamps for each level and a nice color coded difference between your record time. Unfortunately this feature required reworking the way that the records were saved, meaning previous records will be lost and you will need to do a soft reset to utilize the new stopwatch.

Hope you enjoy these changes!

What distribution of Linux are you running on? Is it 64-Bit compatible?

An update has been uploaded that reworks the controls screen to allow changing of the controls. Hope this helps you enjoy our game!

This game was really fun. Nice job.

Seems to be an issue with your connection to's download server. Other users have had mixed results with trying the following:
A.) Downloading in an incognito tab
B.) Starting the download again after it fails (Repeating several times until it works)
C.) Downloading in a different browser

Let me know if this helps. If you are still having the error I can upload an alternative download link on google drive.

You can download the custom background images here.

There are some backgrounds I couldn't include here since the coloring depend on the game's rendering to function.

Enjoy !

Great game! Ended with 1935 score

Your art is excellent!