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hard to start at it,  but by level 10 it's more fun.  I'm using itch on linux(ubuntu) and have an issue where the stats are all jumbled.  I like how as some stats go down you have to modify strategy.    

I'm incredibly annoyed by the ceiling at which the rockets turn off.  it seems everytime I fly my robot to godzilla it crashed into the ground just as it starts to tally my score.

would love to see an arcade style/ survival mode.

only other thing I can suggest might be some way to save(rogue style of course)  just because the end game can be rather long.

fast forward definitely makes the enemies come faster more so than the towers fire.  

playing again and I don't think I'm "further along" build wise,  but with fast forward off it seems that the enemies are defeated much more handily.

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did this get "harder" with the new release?   or perhaps the light tower multiplier isnt working?  

almost rage quit when a 2x2 square of IV towers turned into a V tower with my ftift IV tower already waiting to make a VI tower.  Is that supposed to happen?   Also get's tedious and kinda boring at the upper levels.  reminds me of 2048 as you're trying to get level VI and VII towers and tyrying to manage massive clutter.  decided I was done at 200 and it took a concerted effort to rearrange towers to lose.perhaps some expensive way to change abilities say 200 gold to swap out one ability for another?  also selling off towers would be too convenient.