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Any plans on Chapter 2 getting an Itch release?

I honestly wish there was a death counter, if there is...then I am missing it. XD 

Are these lines supposed to be there? 

Thank ya!

Just wonderin' where is the saved game data? 

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I've watched it, but what I am talking about is this...

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Level 3 has an issue where you auto move by mouse direction (no arrow key / wasd input at all), at max run speed. o-o;;; 

Any word on this, or round about date when it starts?

I just built a new pc, and just wondering...where is the saved data placed?

Thanks for the update~!!! :D Much love for this bundle! <3 

Is the bundle up? 

As someone with nearly 7k games, I understand backlog...4-5 hours is still extremely short lol. 

Also this is a RPG Maker game, it has quite a bit of limitations, but going straight to an item screen is similar and akin to older RPGs such as early FF and Dragon Quest games. Menus are a thing for RPGs. I understand ya may not like it, but eh, I dunno who ya are, or if ya grew up with newer games only or older games at all. 

How rude must you be to suggest someone to take their idea and make it another game?! The game is only 4-5 hours long, that isn't super long at all. 

I mean yeah the dev knows I have well over 17 hours in to the game in one playthrough, also you can always change your keybinds. >.< 

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It's all good now, 

Just a heads up, it won't allow us to download the game. :c I saw I forums you were gonna upload, may wanna hit up support and see what's wrong. 

I really cannot wait to play this game! 

Can't wait to play it! :D 

If I wasn't already hype to help Ukraine, now I am hype to break my keyboard more with this amazing rhythm game! 

The game is very fun, but I found a hitbox issue where if you go up close to anyone that has a pistol and let them walk in to you, you cannot get shot or killed by them. 

Works perfect! Thank ya!

Thank ya~! :D

I sent word to the publish / devs on facebook. Should see an update soon! :D

So, the download is the steam version it seems. It has the steam api file within the file directory.