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A member registered Apr 05, 2018

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I would like to implement or change:

-Dirt or fertilizer made of palmleavs to make the tree clopplot / cropplot (maybe u can get it through diving)

-A pet

-shark respawn time, but if the shark there he/they attack more.  (maybe 1 till 5 sharks at the same time)

-fight music( if the sharks attack)

- give more points that you have to eat and drink less

-more wappons


-glass to make windows, wappons or a lens to make fire

-maybe some other gamemodes like storymode, survivalmode, sandboxmode or last man standing (so u need to have a paddle and a map)

-mental state (if u sleep drink or eat status is not ok u can get: illness, unstable, nausea, diarrhea,scurvy or infections.)


-Wilson :-P

Same here