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Really fun game reminiscent of Bloxorz! Very stylish in terms of audio and graphics, and the puzzles built upon each other to bring a greater whole! Finding the Flatwoods Monster easter egg was also really fun and challenging!

Really cool! The dice descriptor text was a little bit hard to read, but overall it was a very fun experience, the characters were charming, and the scene with the dog made me genuinely laugh! Great job!

Really neat! I liked replaying the later levels, trying to figure out how I could solve them with the fewest amount of moves!

Really cute game! Yes, even the husks were cute!

Really cool game! I loved the minotaur easter egg!

I was supposed to be studying, but one thing led to another and I ended up playing your games. And like, I hope I don't come off as disingenuous, but I really like what you've created! Games that are like cool little experiments are some of my favourite, and it was a pleasure seeing the things you've done :3

This is just my interpretation, but from the games I've played, I feel like there's a sense of constriction as a recurring theme. Or rather, a sort of limit on control. And with an absurd sense of humour sprinkled throughout. It does sort of feel like these dreams one can have sometimes, where things just happen around and pass through us. I hope that makes sense, I was gonna write more specific examples, but I don't wanna spoil the experience of playing for anybody else reading this comment.

You're awesome!

Nice! I love the voice!