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When I say this reminds me of those games I used to play on flash portal sites, I mean it in the best way possible. There's an entire game experience crafted here, a tutorial to get me into the game, a series of missions for a bit of directed play, but also plenty of room for sandbox play, and just overall game systems that have time wasting potential due to how much fun they are. A memorable moment I had was when I crashed into another chariot, and the inertia of that chariot ended up running over a bystander - oops!

I have little nit picks like with the chariot controls and the size of some roads of the settlement you're riding through, but otherwise it's great. I had a good time!

At first it made me think of Spelunky, but the programming the mummies and needing to get them home like you would for lemmings is an interesting twist. I didn't quite get how it worked at first, so I'm very glad you made a comprehensive tutorial at the beginning to ease me into it! Also nice easter egg!

I like that you included a bit of an intro cutscene, helps set up the context and give it a tone of your voice. It feels like a very original concept, and shows promise. In its present form I didn't click with it, but I can see the amount of thought that has gone into the design of wanting the player to consider their movement in relation to the attack/abilities they can pick up depending on the numbers on the dominoes.

That level intro animation where the pieces all pop up is slick! With all the moving parts working, it shows a solid proof of concept that warrants further game design and balancing. I had an instance where a bunch of sixes were just bunched up around my starting position, so I used that lightning skill repeatedly without worrying about the enemies, it was a novel moment and I felt powerful if not a little overpowered haha - that moment of identifying an area I could exploit was a good one.

There's this segment in this KidsCanCode tutorial that you can use to capture the mouse and also use the esc key to release the mouse. I found it works well! Maybe you can make use of for your next project too (check out the bit from 0:45)

Very novel! At first I didn't get the premise, I thought I was a very small child, but it finally clicked whilst playing and I looked it up afterwards too - I like that your game helped me learn something interesting through a bit of tangential education! Also, very clever take on the theme :D

One technical issue came up for me, for some reason my mouse isn't properly captured by the game, so I had a slightly awkward time repositioning my mouse. Other than that, it ran totally fine!

Also, totally unrelated yup uh huh, you wouldn't happen to be a fan of a certain smol 9000+ year old shark or a smol time travelling detective would you? Dana's model seems... familiar ;)

Seemed like a bog standard Asteroids game, but then the Snake level hit and I was like, woah! Controls are satisfyingly responsive, sound effects very pew pew, upgrades are fun as well as the trade off in decision making between health and said upgrades, and I'm impressed by the level of thought to include a new game + mode!

The art style, lighting, and music create a really mysterious and rather enchanting atmosphere! Unfortunately, as highlighted in previous comments already, the stamina system really put a damper on my experience playing :< But I also agree with everyone that it's good progress having only learned Godot for such a short time!

Yee, flares go boing! What a package, feels like the perfectly scoped game jam game! Fun mechanic, and has the content to show it off! I had a good time, it's a fun little experience. The dynamic lighting creates a cool atmosphere and mood, especially the way the flare lights up where it is fired.

I've only played it in a prototype/work-in-progress form, and judging it at that stage, the key systems in place seem to all work well! The character controller feels good, and there's nice bits of camera work, like when it swoops in to closely follow the character when you enter door ways. There's a bit of wild camera swinging if you're a bit rough with it, but I can only imagine that's the kind of stuff that gets ironed out later in development! Interactions all work, and as a whole, there's an experience that starts and end, it's great to get a sense of a vertical slice. It's very much in progress, so I find it hard to judge and give ratings across the criteria - I look forward to future development!

Hello! Thanks for writing! Lara made a fix for it, so I've uploaded it. Please download and try it again. Let us know if it works better! Thanks!


Pure.js community · Created a new topic What is the theme?

hiya! So, has the jam started? I was checking for the theme but maybe time zones means I might be expecting it too soon haha. 

Asymmetrical gameplay yas! I just wish I had someone to play it with at the time, but I enjoyed the concept very much.

You monster! lol jk, I'd probably want to go on a killing spree on Valentine's Day if I were an evil heart too. I made it to the pink building platforms, but then I mistimed a jump and fell back to the start :(

Super cute, I loved the sound effect when I clicked start. Also, I realise that to be successful later in the game, you have to let them in as close as possible before you shoot them. That's kind of like love, right? Except you don't necessarily shoot them.


I had to come back to leave another comment, because I just turned on the sound on my computer: Dat sound effect doe.

It's a bit slow to start at first, but the mellow tunes makes it go by well enough. I like blend of snake mechanics and using your own body as ammo. Plus getting more back for a successful hit feels good man. I imagine that trail of hearts can get pretty darn huge, but I kept accidentally going back on myself to death :confounded: lol

Funny game :joy: