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Thanks a lot for the feedback Nechochowen! We'll go in and update the code and dialogue and fix the issues you flagged in the next big patch. (Although we'll likely leave the scotch and whisky parts, as they are the same drink!)


Upon a plain
Lies a lassie to behold
And a young fellow, pauses slightly
his stroll
Alas our boy
Lost in her beauty, does not know
A secret held closely
For it cannot be told
And on this day, a new story be told
Let us see, as it starts to unfold
So to the merry
Fill your mug and stay your seat
For we're on the trail
Of a Changeling Tale


It all begins
With a love so wary
For lo her blood
Be that of a fairy
Distraught that she
Could not stow her whim
With a Lover's curse
She'd do it all for him


It all began
With a love so wary
But despite her blood
As one, they would marry
Assured that she
Could console with him
With a lover's curse
They'd stay until the end

Hi KerrytheBob, we're really glad you enjoy the game's music! Pub Jazz is an original piece composed by Transfurom for our game. Unfortunately we've been unable to include it on the Steam Soundtrack because that is specifically a collection of CheasyDino's work, who did the remainder of the original score for the game. At the moment Pub Jazz is only available in the in-game music room. Sorry about that! I'll let Transfurom know you enjoy it!

This was so much fun! The gameplay was sweet, the art style beyond charming, the whole experience as cozy as can be. Thank you so much for making this, Bynine, it was a real joy to play!

The last beta build was released in late December, and the next In Progress Early Access build should come around the end of January/beginning of February!

Seems to be working now on our end! Thanks a lot for pushing out the fix!

Hello! Our patrons are receiving this error as well. Here's a screenshot of the error, although it doesn't really offer much insight into the underlying issue:

We've reached out to the Patreon team as well on this.

Ah-- Effie's path isn't in the game yet! She'll be romanceable eventually, but her story line isn't scheduled for a ways down the road yet. For now, it's just the three MacLeod girls' paths in-game.

For the near future the free demo will include Chapters 1 & 2 for each of the three MacLeod sisters. Grace's Chapter 2 is available right now as a Steam Demo exclusive, although we will migrate it over here as well shortly. Until then, you can grab it here!

There is one cowgirl currently in the game, yes. The Demo includes her story line through chapter 2, and her chapter 3 is available in Patreon Early Access. We're also working on her final chapter right now, so her story line will be completed soon.

Hi Dekeke! Glad to hear you like Changeling Tale! Given the tone of this particular game we probably won't include any pregnant or birth scenes in it, although some couples may have kids in certain epilogues.

Yep, the soundtrack is currently available to our Sponsor Tier on Patreon in both .mp3 and lossless formats. (We'll also offer it as a separate download for purchase when the game is complete, but that is a long ways off, yet!)

Hmm... the download could be targeted by your antivirus software, or it may not with a poor internet connection because of its size. I'd recommend trying to download it through the itch app ( ), which may be able to circumvent direct download issues. Let us know how it goes!

We're working on it right now!  It should be done in about two or three months ^^

Very strange!  This is the link through which you are navigating to the page, right?  Does the Patreon credentials check work and then the download fails, or do both fail?

If it continues to not work, send me a direct message on Patreon and I can send you a direct link to the game!

Oops-- sorry, I missed this question!  We're planning on releasing the game here and on Steam when it is complete.

Glad you're enjoying the game!

Sure thing! Try the following-- get Hazel treats, and use them to lure her back when she bolts.  Go to the loch every chance you get.  And after church, at the picnic, don't open up to Marion ; )  Good luck and happy fishing!

The Patreon integration is a relatively recent addition to the Itch interface, so Itch still requires assigning the game a price even if it's not meant to be bought.  The $20 price is just a placeholder; it may ultimately be more or less when the game is completed, most likely hinging on what Steam recommends for a price point!

It will cost money, yes, although we don't know at what price point yet.  In  the meantime, our supporters on Patreon have access to in-progress game builds as they are done, and will ultimately get a copy of the game when it's done (although that is a ways off yet!).

For the demo, yes!   We decided that Jessie's Chapter 2 would make the best showcase for what the game is all about, while also throwing the player right into the action.  When the game is closer to completion, we may expand the demo to include more early-game content, though!