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Got it. Thank you! ^^

Hi there! I saw in your Google Doc guide "unlocks vibrator time when you maturbate a lot, have a vibrator, and have a lover" if you have the all-in-one computer. I've been trying to trigger it but it won't work. Does this only happen in an older version of the game? Is this a deleted feature?

Kei always struck me as a Murasakibara look-alike because of his long-ish purple hair. ^^

You mean how to start it? If so, just go to the mansion after your landlord tells you about a job there. Click the paper/poster on the wall and enter the elevator to answer Shuu's special question and get the job. As long as you keep visiting Shuu, he'll eventually start hanging out outside his apartment and you'll get more chances to romance him throughout the game, especially once you get his number and can invite him out on dates. 

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Hey there! I'm on Tocchan's route, and I got the park scene where he talked about how one of the people in the photos is dead. At one point, he goes, "Remember when I told you I was visiting a grave?" which confused me because he never once said that to MC. Am I missing a scene, somehow? There's also the part about Shige-chan. Once they start talking about his whereabouts, they don't actually talk about who "Shige-chan" is. The game somehow just assumes you already know who that is; before that, they just refer to him as the previous owner of the VA office. Am I missing a scene here or is that just how the dialogue for the game goes?

Also, I still haven't gotten the scene where MC meets Tocchan's family, even though the fanbook says that it should auto-trigger during the first weekend/holiday after MC gets together with Tocchan. During my playthrough, MC got together with Tocchan on July right before summer vacation, but it didn't auto-trigger and it's already September. Did I do it wrong or will it auto-trigger later? (I'm also using Shuu's money cheat and Shiba's VA cheat. Does that factor in?)

Re: Meeting Tocchan's family >> I finally got it! The event auto-triggered on Sept 28, the week after the aquarium date. Instead of the first weekend after getting together, the event happened well after helping Tocchan make a decision about leaving or staying in the VA business (i.e. the make or break choice for the route ending), which is pretty strange. It just leaves me wondering: is this a bug because I used cheats? Or is it because MC got together with Tocchan right before the summer break?

Thank you!

Hey there! Just a quick question about the 2019 contest: do you have any estimate when the prizes will be sent? Will it be after the game is published? I'm just curious. :)

Anyway, I'm really excited for this game! I'm sending good vibes and the hopes of good health your way. ^^

Hey there! I bought a Steam copy of the game and it's great, but my cursor gets laggy especially during the Work mini-game and even for just picking choices of dialogue or selecting stuff on the Main Menu. Is there anything I can do to fix it?


how? i can't find your email address.

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where do we leave our usernames + delivery addresses to enter? the email didn't specify. thank you!

Same thing happened here. I checked my file and lost all my CGs, scene replays and chibis except for a few ones. For the endings issue, only the best endings were there + the other endings but not the good and bad endings. Can this be fixed or do we have to do the game all over again? Creators, please help! T^T

Okay. Thanks!

Haato wears the cat costume on Hikaru's route. What I did in my playthrough is have Hikaru wear the costume once in bed and then the next time I had him wear it for Haato, he brought a cat costume for Haato as well. In my playthrough, Hikaru was a dom top, but idk if that's required.

Try touching him a lot in the places he likes. It also helps if he's in a place he likes and if you're wearing the type of clothes he prefers.

Hello! Can you release a short demo of this game? Bc I want to make sure this game works on my pc before I buy it. Thanks!

Hikaru likes preppy clothes. Make sure to wear the full ensemble. You'll know it works if he compliments your outfit. ^^

Btw, if you max out your stress levels for the first time, you can get a scene where Haato gets sick and your chosen guy can take care of you. You get a CG out of it, too. Beware that it only works once; any time after that and Haato will spend half his money to de-stress. ^^

** You can pay less for the movie if you get the blue mascot at the mall and the cinema lady together. She gives you a discount for the movies after you get them together if you talk to her.

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First one is the 69 scene. If Shuu is a dom top, he'll initiate the position. You have to make Haato give Shuu a BJ (one that results three of the top row of chibis, I believe) every sexual encounter they have. For my playthrough, it took three sexual encounters before the scene triggered. The second one is simply Shuu bottoming for Haato--an alternate take during their first time together. From what I remember, you can trigger that scene if you choose to have Haato top Shuu.

Yes for the clearing Tocchan's route. You have to get his best ending first in order to unlock the secret routes. Note that you have to start at the beginning after getting his best ending so that you can select Tocchan's cheat to unlock Kei and Kaede's routes.

For the 69 position, all that's left for you to do is constantly give the guy a BJ for every sexual encounter. The chibi of Haato giving your chosen guy a BJ should appear. For my playthrough, that took three separate sexual encounters before the other guy initiates the 69.

Monitor the requirements needed for the audition and be sure to fulfill them before the day of. Take extra VA lessons at the school during daytime. At night, if you have a computer or a shower/bathtub, you can use those to gain more points. If you use the computer or shower/bathtub on Sundays, you can net more points than what you can usually get if you use it during nighttime.

You can actually check your progress on the Fame front whenever you're recording for the job you got. If you look at the sequence, beside the amount of money you gain from the job, you'll see the amount of Fame you currently have. To be able to win the Seiyuu Award, you have to get at least 500 points. 

Some tips that could help: (1) Take the job from the journalist in the bookstore when you meet her requirements; I think she can give you +20 Fame points despite the meager amount of money she pays you. (2) If you want to be able to spend more time with Haato's love interest, buy a computer and a shower/bathtub from the furniture store and use them at night so you don't have to constantly take extra VA classes, even just a little bit. Using those items during Sundays can net you more points than if you do them during nighttime. (3) Keep saving before auditions so you can get more jobs. Also, since the point system for this is random, you can even save before lessons if you want to change the amount of points you get.

(1) Chibi: Tocchan licking Haato's finger; [scene replay and CGs are the same] (2) Office sex with Bottom!Tocchan; (3) Shibari scene

The common requirement for these is that Tocchan has to prefer being the bottom (idk if he has to be a sub tho).

Get Tocchan's best ending first to unlock his route before visiting the bar during night time to get a drink/work there. ^^

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(M O O D)

He asks that in one of the daytime visits so you have to make sure you don't miss any cut scenes with him. The same thing happened to me the first time I played through the whole thing--though with Tocchan's route.  I got completely blindsided by the bad ending bc I didn't get the chance to make the right choice. You probably got together with Hikaru rather late or you really just missed the daytime visit when you make the choice that will determine which ending you'll get. (PS: About the ending depending on one choice--that part will make sense when you manage to access the cut scene and why that one choice will affect the whole thing.) ^^

The same thing happened with me. I got Kei's ending and saw the two missing CGs in the game [MILD SPOILER: the karaoke scene and the scene outside the Seiyuu Award ceremony] but they didn't appear in the CG gallery for some reason.

You can only unlock the cheat codes once you've gotten at least one of the boys' best ending. Each guy's best ending unlocks one cheat code (e.g. Tocchan's best end unlocks the secret routes, Shuu's best end gives access to the max money cheat, etc).

It's up to you! You won't game over if you do. [SPOILER] It's actually just a placebo pill. It's an easy way to get money if you're strapped for cash; the man will pay you 10,000 yen for it. Still, taking the job will add to your stress (+20, I believe) and end your day early.

You have to befriend Hikaru first in order to meet Kei. Keep visiting Hikaru during the day and make sure you can enter the TV station. You'll eventually meet him. Idk if this is the general rule, but during my playthrough, Haato met Kei on March 2.

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Okay! I got the dialogue about their bet. Does that mean I have to make Haato lose the audition to get the CG?

Edit: Apparently not. It seems Toru-chi doesn't get the job either way. ^^

This is according to my playthrough so this might be inaccurate. For the shibari scene, I think Tocchan has to be a sub bottom. You must have the rope sex toy to make if work, obv. When that scene triggered for me, it was the second time I had Haato use it on Tocchan. It might be important to note that they've had sex more than 7 times at this point. For the teacher-student roleplay, you need to have the gakuran costume to be able to trigger it. The scene triggered the second time I had Tocchan wear it.

Keep spending time with him during the day after VA classes. You're missing cut scenes from him. At this point, it matters more what day you spend with him than the amount of days that you do. Think back on what day you don't spend with him and spend time with him on that day the following week (i.e. if last Wednesday you took extra VA classes/did a job to get money, make sure to spend next Wednesday with him). You won't be able to be lovers with him unless those stars fill up.

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Hello! I took the 'Mister Princess' job while Toru-chi was in the agency, but there was no reaction from him--no dialogue whatsoever. Even Haato's reaction to the job seems somewhat cut short. Is it supposed to be like that? Thanks!

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Why is Toru-chi busy on March 16, Sunday? When I called him to go out on a date with Haato, he said he can't go. Is this part of the story or a random event? I'm really curious. ^^

Get Tocchan's best ending first to unlock the secret characters.

Yup, I got Kei's ending. I got all the CGs. The problem is the CGs I got doesn't show on the Extras on the Main Menu. Is this a side effect of using the Skipping Days function?

Hello! How did you get past the boulder puzzle in the Valencia cave? What pattern did you use? I can't figure out how to get past it. Thank you!

Hello! I just finished Kei's route. The story is a bit disjointed and messy, but I appreciate the story nonetheless. One thing tho: even after finishing the route and triggering all four CGs, two of the CGs don't show up on the gallery--the stolen kiss and the CG where Kei found Haato after the Seiyuu Award ceremony. Is this a bug or are they not really part of the CG list?


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If you're referring to cut scenes that happen during foreplay mode (i.e. not counting the CGs that show up during weekdays), there are four that can be triggered. There is the kiss scene, Tocchan giving Haato an oral (as he calls it), the shibari scene and the teacher-student roleplay scene.