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SIAG GAME JAM 2 is going to start! here are some things u can do!

1.Join-In Judge: you can be a judge


hey can you join my game jam? we accept PC Mac games ONLY

but we got a theme! i never have gotten a submission n my game jams

join ok?

Q: whats the theme?


TICK TOCK! 20 days left to SIAG Game Jam ends!

click me:

a game where a server serves you a mystery to solve, as you finish mysteries, you unlock Whole-new realms to explore!!

i have not made it yet, i need the devs

(1 edit)

the current version does not work with my mac, can you send me a updated version?

suggest a idea for 1.1 Update:


we need ideas for the 1.1 update! (the only idea i got was for a creepy tower level (is in-dev) and a guard at the gates that go to the tower)

suggest ideas in the comments, if you have stuff you made for the game like music, here's what you need to know:

1. a intro theme was made

2. as well as a game over theme

3. i'm looking forward for someone to make a tower battle theme

play here:

see full post:

the jam ha started, let's go!

Here are the Platforms you can make the games for: Windows, Mac

The Updated Description:

the theme is stuck in a game, we will judge in 3 categories: 8-bit, Retro and [PLEASE USE CHROME MUSIC LAB TO MAKE YOUR MUSIC], we are giving you [1] day to brainstorm: a name, a genre, and if you want to build it with multiple users, up to ∞ Members in your team,

Listen to the rules!

this is the LMS Team Signing off after typing a description,


Good Luck!

Did you Add Any Firewalls to the app?

makehello,  i would love if you could join the SIAG Game Jam, it starts in 5 days, over the days before it starts, you have time to write and/or make notes about your game and brainstorm it, the theme is Stuck In A Game,  check it out here:

Just see the rules i posted

Rules Here:

(2 edits)

5 days until the jam starts, be ready,  you can use any software to make art, music, in unity and other software

remember, the theme is stuck in a game

nope, that's just a sequel to the original game,

you like adventure games? well would you like to help with a game with that gerne?

all helping, including you, Sollymore

this game is in-dev, i imagine there will be more games so you can continue your quest, the first feature will be account saving, a database with all the account info for every player will be shared between all the games, so no matter what game you are in to continue this quest, you always have your account, see you

Baldi's basics 2! in development now!

I would love to judge the submissions

the one in last place gets there project removed from the jam until we get to round 2

See you in the next topic!

we need the creator and developers of the original Baldi's Basics To Upload The Upgraded Designs As Attachments On Comments