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I love the tutorials you made on this, Its been helpful. I was wondering if I could use your tileset as an reference for making my own. I been struggling with mine. 

This game shows an in depth look on how we treat our planet and the creatures that live in it. I enjoyed the experience, the way the earth looks as it progress to getting more and more sick scared me a bit. The art work goes from being Happy so sad then just plane scary at the end. When I reached the end where the earth was about to die  it gave me a tense feeling and helpless feeling. I didn't know when it would happen and there was no way to fix the damage that had been done. 

Even tho I went into this game knowing what to expect and what would happen in the game I still played it and  I did enjoyed it.  Over all I would give this game a 9/10. some of the sound effect wouldn't play but I can understand with only 2 days to complete it :D. I would love to see you further this Idea. Maybe the humans on the planet will realize that they are killing there world and some of them try to save it while others try to destroy. 

Over all the experience is well worth playing this game. I would recommend it, the art work, music and message behind it should be shared. I look forward to seeing even more projects from you. 

This game is very interesting the music and art are beautiful but the game is Very hard to beat :) its a challenge but it gets VERY frustrating dying every second lol. I did notice a few glitches while playing thou it. I noticed that when I got a check point and died a few time the game would boot me back to the beginning of that level. sometime it would even happened if it was my first time dying after the checkpoint section. Over all this game was a fun play-through tho I would recommend extending some platforms  and showing the player that its save to jump off screen to a platform. 

I would rate this game at 4/6 

due to the glitch and hard to see enemies. 

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This is cool :) before I download it, will this work for games made using RPG maker? For example: RPG Maker MV, and VX Ace?

This is really cool :D, How do you do this in GIMP ^_^, as for bluring the sprite and making it move do you do it in Gamemaker?

Alright ^_^ Thank you again for helping me get started :D. Maybe one day we can work together. Take care.

Do you have any of the resources links you used on Pixelation :D, I am having some trouble finding tutorials. Where did you start when you where looking into creating your own tilesets :)

Thank you ^_^ :D.

Any time. How did you make the tileset I always wanted to learn :D. Do you have any videos or references on how to start make them. would you be willing to teach me how to make one if you don't mind :D.

This look Beautiful :D, I cant wate to try it out and edit the colours :D thanks