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This game is very interesting the music and art are beautiful but the game is Very hard to beat :) its a challenge but it gets VERY frustrating dying every second lol. I did notice a few glitches while playing thou it. I noticed that when I got a check point and died a few time the game would boot me back to the beginning of that level. sometime it would even happened if it was my first time dying after the checkpoint section. Over all this game was a fun play-through tho I would recommend extending some platforms  and showing the player that its save to jump off screen to a platform. 

I would rate this game at 4/6 

due to the glitch and hard to see enemies. 

Thanks a lot for the in depth feedback :) ! It's really appreciated ! I completely agree with all that you said, this game can be improved in many ways and that glitch where you return to the start of the level is very furstrating (I've never encountered it but many others have). Anyway I've learned loads and will put that new knowledge into practise next time I make a platformer :), thanks again and stay tuned, cheers !