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Thanks ! I hope it will be useful

I love it !! a very fun game (and, sometime, little stressful). I really like the music too !

Tonight I'm having my two daughters test it, especially to see their reaction when she loses control.

I love the concept. The time limit adds tension to the gameplay, there is suspense. Another great production from XedIndustrie ! I want more !!!

I love the chill vibe of this game. Usually, with match 3, we just want to go very fast, but here, with the quiet music, the soft graphics and this beautiful race of the sun, we just want to take our time and enjoy it.
Great job !

Thanks !
I like to create special atmosphere in games ;-)

Thanks a lot !

With a good timing, you can also try to chain attack ;-)

Thanks a lot ! It's a concept that I would like to push further

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Thank you !

Thanks for your feedback !
If you don't memorize the combinations, getting closer is a good technique too, but it can sometimes be dangerous :-D

Great job ! It's fun to play with. And the different types of threats around the character (random swords, boss weapon, boss motion) make the game more spicy

This game is absolutely fantastic. I love the concept, the soundscape is really nice and the graphic style is really splendid !!

Thanks for your feed back. This type of pixel art is quite new to me and I'm glad to see that you like it

Thanks for your feed back. I'm thinking about how to turn all this into a more complete game without it becoming boring for the player. I hope to be able to go further with this concept

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Thanks a lot for your feedback ! The WASD bug is now fixed ;-)

Works fine for me with Windows 10

This is the classic Windows warning for unknown software.

So, in the window that shows "don't run", there is the "more information" option. Click on that, then click "Run anyway"
And.... have fun

Ouch !! Amazing ! Really nice work !

Thanks for your comment !

Raspberry pi build is easy with Dragonruby game engine.

If you try with a rasp, give me a feedback ;-)

Thanks for your feedback.

To use the strongest weapon, you need to charge to max. If it is'nt max, there is no shoot ;-)

Nice and funny game. Good work !

Very fun concept !! I love it !

Thanks a lot !

Very addictive game. I love it ! I'm going back to play it now

Nice game, good atmosphere. A taste of fishing like in stardew valley

A classic game on a classic phone, i like it.Great job !

Very fun game with a great idea !! Good work ! No sound ?

Nicce game. The idea of parallel universes is cool

Thanks ! Glad you liked it

Thanks for your feedback.

I'm going to try to fix this pit bug before the end of the jam

Very nice game ! Great idea !

I think I need to retake my driver's license ^^

my keyboard will remember your game! Good work ! I really like your sprites 

I love the rendering of old LCDs, blips and blops. All my childhood !! Congratulations

Thanks for your feedback. To get through the door you must press the up arrow key ;-)

we had a lot of fun imagining the different weapons.  I'm glad you liked it.  Thanks for your feedback

we are glad you enjoyed playing our game. we also enjoyed coding it.  maybe we will continue this kind of adventure.  Thank you for your nice comment

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Beautiful point and click, full of humor (.... happy little tree ... and so much more), with great pixel art and soundtrack. I love it.
Great work !!

A very fun game, very well done. I really like. Wonderful audio!

Great concept, we want to play it again and again.
The puzzles are cool and progressive. I love the levels with the boss

Thanks for those nice words !

Thanks a lot